10 most common electrical problems at home

It is quite common that you have to overcome a few electrical problems at your house. Knowing the reason behind such problems will help you to fix them with the help of an electrician. If you are facing any of these electrical problems at home, it is better to get them checked by a skilled electrician.  Contact the best Electricians and electrical contractors hoboken nj in your locality.

  • Dips or Electrical surges 

Dips refer to a sporadic drop in voltage that causes the light to flicker or dim. Poorly designed or faulty devices consume too much power when they are turned on. Surges cause a spike in the power lines causing an increase in the flow of current. It can cause damage to your appliances. To stop this from occurring, use a surge protector. Call an electrician if the problem still exists. 

  • Frequent light bulb blowouts

Poor connection leads to overheating and this can cause the light bulbs to blow out very often. 

  • Flickering lights

Just like blowouts, the flickering lights are also caused by poor connectivity. It can lead to overheating, sparking, or even fire. When you notice this happening, you must switch off the bulbs and call for an electrician. It could even be the result of a corroded wire. 

  • Switches or warm outlets

When an outlet is overloaded, it is unable to carry the load of all the electronic devices that are plugged in. This can result in a fire if it is left unattended. All the devices must be dispersed to other outlets at home, you could even make use of the extension cords to simplify your work.

5)Damaged extension cords

When you have pets at home, you need to be extra cautious as they might chew the extension cords. Cover these items with protective materials or you could keep them away from your pets. 

6) Tripping circuit breakers

When the circuit breakers are overloaded, the tripping of circuit breakers occurs. When there are more devices at home or with the upgrade of the entertainment system, there will not be enough power points to hold them. The devices must be unplugged when they are not in use and care must be taken so as not to overload any one particular circuit. 

7) Dead outlets 

The wiring of your house can also cause problems if there are malfunctioning outlets. It is time to call a skilled electrician. Leaving them unattended can be hazardous and even cause a fire. 

8) Too dim or too bright lights

If the main neutral connection of the house is poor, some lights might be too dim or too bright. This too calls for the attention of an electrician. 

9) High electricity bill

If the circuits and wires are damaged, it can lead to high electricity bills. If you notice a hike in your electricity bill without so much consumption, it could be the result of either damaged wires or circuits. All unused devices must be unplugged. 

10) Electrical shocks

The faulty switches or devices can give you electrical shocks. If you have ever experienced this, take the help of a professional, licensed electrician to rectify the error.