5 important benefits of timber harvesting 

Spokane, Washington, is located in the eastern part of the state, along the Spokane River. It’s an excellent place to live and work. Spokane has about 204,000 people who enjoy living here because they can access nature and culture nearby. The city offers many different kinds of jobs for its residents, including logging, mining and manufacturing industries.

Timber harvesting in Spokane WA is a process by which trees are selectively removed from the forest. The goal of this process is to harvest only the trees that are being used for construction or other applications, leaving the rest of the forest intact. There are several benefits to this practice, and they include the following:

It is a great way to save trees and protect the environment

Timber harvesting helps preserve forests. When you cut down trees, you remove their protective canopy, allowing sunlight and rainwater to reach the ground below. This causes soil erosion that can destroy wetlands and lead to flooding in areas with no natural barriers between rivers or streams and their banks.

Timber harvesting helps protect wildlife habitats by preserving native forests where animals like bald eagles live or migrate through during winter when they’re not actively hunting prey on land cleared by humans who want wood from these areas harvested instead!”

It creates jobs

The timber harvesting industry is one of the largest industries. It’s also an important source of jobs and a major employer in many other sectors. Timber harvesting in Spokane WA can create jobs in a variety of areas:

  • Forestry workers must cut down trees and prepare them for transport, storage, or sale. They may work on-site at logging sites or off-site at processing plants that make lumber from logs harvested by other companies/individuals (such as sawmills).
  • Logging companies employ people who manage chainsaws and other equipment used during timber harvests; these individuals often travel from site to site within an area where they’re working so that they don’t get stuck behind one another with no way around them!

It helps reduce wildfire risk

Timber harvesting reduces the risk of forest fires by removing dead and dying trees, which are more likely to catch on fire. This can be expensive to fight, as it takes time and resources to extinguish a blaze before it spreads. In addition to reducing this potential threat to your property, timber harvesting also helps keep your community safe from harm caused by forest fires.

It reduces erosion and soil loss

Timber harvesting is a process that allows you to remove trees from your property. This can be done by filling or topping, which means cutting down the tree and removing it from its roots and branches.

Timber harvesting reduces erosion, a serious problem in many parts of the world where many people live in areas with poor soil quality (such as deserts). When trees grow on land, they help hold the soil together, preventing it from washing away through water runoff and wind erosion.

It helps stop disease outbreaks in your forests

Timber harvesting in Spokane WA is an excellent way to prevent disease outbreaks in your forests. The health of trees and other plants is important for the environment and humans, wildlife, recreation and tourism.

Timber harvesting can help prevent disease outbreaks by:

  • Removing dead or diseased trees from a forest before they can spread the disease to healthy trees.
  • Protecting young seedlings from insects that carry harmful pathogens.


This article explored the five most important benefits of timber harvesting. This is a complex topic with many facets. But, by considering these five benefits, you’ll be better equipped to determine how your company can benefit from harvesting timber and using it for construction projects.