The last thing you need as winter goes on is for your heater to break down. The main source of heat for your home and family is your heater. To ensure proper operation, regular equipment maintenance is the recommended course of action. However, check the heater as soon as you awaken in the morning to determine whether there is a chill in the air.

As soon as a problem occurs, a heater repair appointment has to be made straight quickly. Read about a few common indications that your HVAC system need examination and upkeep. The Bosworth Company can provide heater services in Kerrville, Texas.

Knowing When to Repair Your Heater

Your Heater Smells

Heaters may smell burned, especially when turned on for the first time in a year. If you’ve never done it before, it could be intimidating. While the gadget is in use, the majority of odors will dissipate. However, you could have a problem if there is a strong smell of gasoline next to your heater, if it appears abruptly, or if it persists. If so, you must get in touch with The Bosworth Company immediately. In case you need us, we provide emergency services around-the-clock.

These smells might also be the result of equipment with too much dust or a gas leak. Request that a Company team member with knowledge in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning evaluate the heater to determine what is causing the odor.

Pilot Light Inspection

Check the color of the pilot light. A healthy pilot light is blue in hue. A different-colored pilot light, especially one that is yellow, can indicate a ventilation issue. Your pilot light’s color changes when gasses like carbon monoxide don’t properly exit. It’s possible for you and your family to become sick if you don’t remedy this issue. There’s also a danger that the heater may be harmed. If you have concerns about your heater’s pilot light or any other potential problems, get in touch with The Bosworth Company.

Insufficient Heating

You should contact HVAC specialists to get your heater checked at if it is not heating properly. No matter how the thermostat is set, you should have your furnace fixed if it doesn’t heat or just heats a small area. Watch for changes in temperature and give your furnace some time to adjust; if it takes too long to recover, contact The Bosworth Company.

The most frequent causes of insufficient heating are leaky ducts and malfunctioning thermostats that don’t operate properly with the furnace. You may have one of our specialists visit your house to evaluate the problems and provide you a plan for fixing them.

What’s Your Plan if Your Heater Breaks?

Call The Bosworth Company to have a service representative inspect your heater if you see any of the warning indicators mentioned above or if it is making odd noises. Every household should think about enlisting the help of a reliable HVAC specialist.

We are here to answer your call whenever you need us. When required, we send a knowledgeable specialist to your home to accommodate your schedule. As soon as possible, they will assess the condition and identify its underlying cause before going through your alternatives with you so you may make an informed choice.

If your heater is more recent, we can fix it immediately. If you currently use an outdated one, we will suggest a replacement and go through your choices with you so you can choose the one that will save you the most money.