Best Applications for Nitrous Oxide Cream Chargers

In your quest for, or use of, whipped cream chargers  you have no doubt come across the necessity of one particular accessory. When used for what purpose are whipped cream chargers? The steel cylinder that is the whipped cream charger is also known as a cartridge. N2O, or nitrous oxide, is what’s within whipped cream chargers. To name a few of the most common applications:

Mousse and Dessert

Making the perfect mousse is a challenge, as anybody who has tried it will attest. Like perfecting whipped cream, which requires some science, creating the ideal mousse is a delicate balancing act in which you must ensure that your peaks are just stiff enough to accomplish their intended function. With a cream whippet, though, everything is a piece of cake.

Alcoholic Cocktails

A wide variety of cocktails benefit from the visual appeal of espumas and foams. The traditional way of making them, however, involves shaking egg whites in a shaker, which is both time-consuming and dirty. In addition, the egg white foam doesn’t have much of a pleasant aroma or flavour. At a pinch, whether you’re in a busy bar or hosting a house party with too many guests, a 615 g cream charger is a quick and easy way to add flavour, flair, and excitement to your alcoholic beverages.

Quick Infusion

An extremely fast and effective method of infusing strong flavour into beverages, rapid infusion is gaining popularity. The infusion of oil, alcohol, or syrup can be accomplished rapidly with the help of a nitrous oxide cream charger. This innovative method extracts flavour more effectively and intensely than previous methods by pushing the liquid into the pores of the infusing material.

Just right whipped cream

Making fresh whipped cream using a nitrous oxide cream charger is a time-honored tradition since it is so simple and yields such delicious results. However, there is an additional benefit to using nitrous oxide while whipping cream, and that is that the cream is more uniformly aerated since the gas penetrates the liquid at a lower pressure. The high fat content also makes the foam highly stable. The consistency of the cream may be adjusted by the chef using a nitrous oxide cream charger. The gas also serves as a preservative, extending the cream’s shelf life in the fridge to a full 10 days.


Marinating with a nitrous oxide cream charger is similar to quick infusion in that it drastically shortens the time the food spends marinating and injects it with fantastic flavour. Part of the marinade diffuses into the meal, making it more tender, flavorful, and aromatic as the pressurized nitrous oxide drives the tastes and fragrances into the marinating food.