Brazilian Hardwood: 100% Ipe Decking Longevity And Overall Performance

Have you been planning to install a deck, yet unsure of the material you want to use? Do you want to make it durable and a long-lasting deck, including the aesthetic appeal? So, you need to know about the variety of hardwood species they call Ipe, harvested from the Brazilian rainforest. Ipe is one of the most sought-after materials for building premium hardwood decks.

Yes, premium hardwood for brazilian ipe decking Florida guaranteed premium performance. Ipe is greatly touted as a very dense and durable traditional wood option.

What is Ipe?

Ipe is a Brazilian hardwood prized, being its appealing amber and brown tones, including the impressive density that lends it better performance than any other wood options. The catch about Ipe is a highly desirable deck material, making Ipe decking one of the priciest, yet worth investing in. Ipe decking is an ideal option for a hardwood aesthetic you love and the impressive durability needed.

Ipe has a tight grain pattern and impressive dentistry that are natural to the hardwood. It means that the appeal of this hardwood is natural and real. No matter how great the other options of decking materials like PVC, still nothing can beat the original. No mimicking of wood patterns and the beauty of it is natural and original.

Why is Ipe decking the ideal option?

When choosing lumber for outdoor projects, durability will be the top priority for the builders. Wood is needed, which withstands the elements and stays standing for the following years to come. If you have heard of many hardwoods with strong water resistance and long lifespans, Ipe is one of the best options. Yes! No hardwood is more durable than Ipe.

Indeed, Ipe is considered one of the best natural hardwoods for quality and durability. For those asking if Brazilian Ipe is the same as Brazilian Walnut, they are just one. It is a tropical hardwood and the top choice of many architects and contractors, even DIY builders.

Ipe decking toughness

Ipe lumber is used for all kinds of projects, but perhaps most used to build decks. It is due to the toughness and durability. Decks are built to stay sturdy and strong for decades. Durable hardwood is an essential ingredient to achieve that. Ipe wood has this impressive rich brown color that makes Ipe decking appealing and has a natural look.

The two factors that make Brazilian Ipe a great choice for building a deck are:

  • Toughness
  • Visual appeal

There are different ways to measure the durability of Ipe lumber for decking or different outdoor projects.