Canvas Print Wall Displays

How to Use Canvases to Fill the Space

Imagine this scenario: You are now the proud owner of your latest home. It is absolutely perfect and everything you ever wanted in a house. You have moved all your belongings in from the last place, started the decorating process, and have been enjoying getting to let the interior designer in your head go wild. That is, until you reach the wall. You know, the wall that is too large for one picture, too small to add in some shelves or something useful, but you have to do something with it. Anyone who’s owned a home (or a nice flat for that matter) has probably been exposed to the dreaded wall. If you’re in this situation right now, or maybe you found a use for the wall but are looking for something better to do, look no further that right here, because we have a solution for you: Canvas Print Wall Displays

Canvas Print Wall Displays

When you think of custom wall art canvas prints, there’s an unfortunately large probability that you think of the somewhat uncomfortable “Live, laugh, love” sign in your mother-in-law’s apartment. However, canvas prints are going through a Renaissance, and there’s no better time to get in on the trend. One of the most modern, artistic, and overall beautiful uses of canvas prints is a wall display. Wall displays are when you take a large number of smaller canvas, and use them to make anything from a collage, a singular picture, words, or anything your heart desires. So, let’s cover some different types of displays, and the best way to kiss that boring wall goodbye.

Different types of canvas print layouts

As discussed above, there are a lot of different practical applications when it comes to filling the blank space on larger walls. One of the most popular ones is to do a photo collage. If you want to use your excess space to celebrate family, friends, and the precious memories that make life worth living, a photo collage capturing some of your greatest moments can be a fantastic way to do that. There are a lot of different options in how you do your wall when it comes to collages. One of the most popular options is creating a display centered around one theme. For example, if you and your loved ones have special ties to the beach, a display consisting solely of photos from beach days, accompanied by some prints of seashells and quotes about the ocean set on a blue wall can be a gorgeous way to tie a room together.

If you’re looking for something a bit more creative, a rotating display of canvases to match the seasons can be a phenomenal way to show off your artistic talents while maximizing the space in your home. From pumpkin patch and haunted house photos in the fall, to spring shower kisses and puddle jumps in the spring, there’s no better way to continually surprise your guests with your creativity and fill up that empty wall than seasonal canvas print wall displays.

Another option to fill up the void that your wall has become is to create a single picture from multiple, smaller canvases. This is incredibly effective if you’re looking to do something such as a large-scale nature scene or something a little more geometric in nature. Though trying to line up all the pictures and get the spacing correct is definitely a little bit more challenging than your traditional, singular print, the separation between the prints is not only more artistic, it also helps take up more space on your wall and fill the blank places!

How to best use prints to fill up space

If you’re looking to fill up the most area as possible with your prints, or simply make your wall feel a little less plain, there are a couple of tricks that can make your space complete without breaking the bank.


Most canvas prints are square or rectangle. Because of this, the easiest shape to format your prints in would obviously be a square or rectangle. If you’re looking to go this route, it’s important to keep spacing in mind, as you’re working with such a clear-cut shape. Use a tape measure to determine the length and width of the wall you’re working with and try to evenly space out the prints over your designated design space. This will help the wall look full, while not getting cluttered or disorganized by uneven spacing.

However, if you’re looking for something a little bit more challenging, a shape such as a pyramid or a circle would be an equally as effective way to cover the wall, while being more creative. Pyramid shapes tend to draw the eye up, meaning you could use fewer prints while distracting from the blank space by drawing the eye towards the ceiling. On the flip side, a circular array of canvases can be employed to add depth to a room. There’s no need for prints in this shape to take up the whole wall, as this organizational pattern immediately draws the eyes to the middle of the space, rather than empty space on the surrounding wall.


If you’ve got all your canvases, have positioned them however you want, and still feel like there’s too much space on the wall, look into other decorations to surround your canvas. For example, if you’re doing a wall full of beach pictures, put of small shelves around the prints and cover them with things such as seashells, bottles of sand, or wooden signs from the beach.

Regardless of what you choose to get prints of, or how you choose to organize them, there’s no better method to cover that massive wall than a gorgeous collection of durable, long-lasting, one of a kind canvas printing wall displays. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality prints at the lowest price possible, and hope you’ll allow us to make your decorative dreams a reality. So, what are you waiting for? Get designing today.

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