Common Signs That Your Heating And Air Conditioning System Needs Repairs!

Summertime is upon us, which means that the vast majority of the United States is going to experience heat wave after heat wave for the next upcoming months. High summer temperatures often take a toll on a home’s heating and air conditioning systems, and a lot of homeowners simply don’t realize when their unit needs to be fixed.

We’ve teamed up with Beehive Heating & Air to develop this list of common signs oriented around when your HVAC system needs to be repaired, so keep reading on to get expert advice about warning signs oriented around your property’s system!

Your AC Unit Is Blowing Warm Air

If your AC unit is blowing warm air throughout your property, then it’s undoubtedly time to have your system checked out by a certified technician. Experts will be capable of conducting a thorough inspection of your system to better diagnose and ultimately repair whatever malfunctioning you’re experiencing.

Your Unit’s Air Flow Is Weak

It’s always really frustrating when an HVAC system has weak air flow, because this will mean that your home isn’t getting the circulation it needs to maintain a healthy, comfortable temperature.

This is a common sign that your AC unit needs to be repaired, because you’re likely experiencing an issue involving your unit’s compressor.

Thermostat Malfunctioning

Thermostat malfunctions are always very serious scenarios because they can make a home virtually unlivable during the summer and winter months, and this is because your HVAC system’s command center is the thermostat.

If you’re not getting proper input to your thermostat, then you system won’t know when it should and shouldn’t be working. There are some instances in which thermostat repairs are very simple, but there are other scenarios in which you’ll undoubtedly need professional assistance.

Abnormally Loud Noises

When your heating and air conditioning system is making grinding, scraping or squealing sounds, then it’s a clear warning sign that you’re going to need professional help as soon as possible.

It’s likely that your unit’s internal hardware or belt has started to malfunction or is broken, and these types of sounds are often very annoying too!

Strange Smells Coming From Your HVAC Unit

Smells are something you normally wouldn’t associate with an HVAC unit, but it is possible for your unit to start emanating strange odors when you’re in need of a professional repair.

These types of smells are often a warning sign connected to your system’s wire insulation, and mildew odors are indicative of mold development within your unit.

Freon Leaks

If your system is leaking Freon, then you’re inevitably going to need expert assistance. Freon is a very dangerous, poisonous material, and you’ll know you’re experiencing this type of leak when excessive amounts of moisture are building up around your HVAC unit.

Unexpectedly High Utility Bills

If your utility bills have risen unexpectedly, then it’s a good possibility that your heating and air conditioning unit is to blame. Certain types of malfunctions can lead to inefficiencies that make your unit have to work much harder than normal, which subsequently will increase your electric bills.

So if your bills have risen dramatically from one month to another out of nowhere, then you should reach out to your local HVAC repair team right away.

Contact The Beehive Heating & Air Team To Learn More About Heating And Air Conditioning Repairs!

There’s a lot that home and business owners need to be on the lookout for when it comes to heating and air conditioning repairs, but knowing certain warning signs can go a really long way towards minimizing your repair costs and keeping your property comfortable for the foreseeable future.

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