Deep Cleaning your Property – A Room by Room Checklist

If you are looking at decluttering, hiring a garbage removal Lakewood business and deep cleaning your home, here are some useful steps you can take.

Deep cleaning the bedrooms

  • Strip all the bedding – Pull off the sheets, the bed skirt, the shams, the duvet and launder everything. When washing down pillows only dry on a low setting. A trick to prevent clumping with duvets and pillows is to put in a clean tennis ball! Pillows that are synthetic should be air-dried.
  • Freshen the mattresses – A sprinkle of baking soda that you let sit for at least 60 minutes is a good way to handle odors. Use a vacuum to suck it up. Every now and then remember to flip and turn the mattresses.
  • Declutter – Check out all the shelves, drawers, your wardrobes and closets. Things you want to keep you can put to one side while you clean, things you are chucking out you can bring in a garbage removal Toms River company for. Clothes you have not worn in a year should be considered to sell or for donation.

Deep cleaning the kitchen

  • Empty cabinets and clean – This is a good way to check expiry dates on cans and jars and decide whether anything that is still good can be sent to somewhere like a food bank. When you can get into them, clean inside and consider lining them with shelf liners as it makes it easier to keep them clean. Remember to wipe the doors inside and out with wood cleaner or warm water depending on what they are made of.
  • Remember to move appliances – Often people forget to move them out to clean properly around and underneath them. It can help to wait until the fridge is pretty empty to make it lighter. Also clean inside appliances, like the fridge and oven and microwave.
  • Countertops – Clear them of clutter and then clean them including the backsplash. Consider whether the items you removed really need to go back.

Deep cleaning the bathrooms

  • Countertops – Clear off items, add anything that is garbage to the collection you have for professional garbage removal Lakewood. Clean them with a damp cloth.
  • Showers and bath rubs – Shower curtains should be cleaned now and then as they can get moldy. For some, they can go on a gentle cycle in a washing machine. For shower doors, they can be cleaned using distilled white vinegar as it is great for removing soap scum and water spots. You can also use baking soda to clean a bath rub with if it has stains.
  • Cabinets and vanities – Clear them out, throw out what you can and clean inside before replacing items back where they belong.

Deep cleaning the family and living room

  • Furniture – Use a furniture brush or a vacuum cleaner to dust and freshen them up.
  • Dusting – Be sure to dust picture frames, knickknacks, electronics and so on. Use something like a thin dusting wand to reach underneath electronics you do not want to move.
  • Carpeting – Consider whether it is time to do a carpet clean rather than just a vacuum clean.
  • Windows – Don’t forget to have the windows done everywhere, inside and out.