The bathroom is the most utilized room in the home. Whether to relieve ourselves or to shower, this area sees traffic come in and out multiple times a day. Though we use the bathroom to help us stay clean, it can be full of bacteria and leave us more unhygienic than we originally thought.

You would be surprised to find out what devices or methods we take on that lead to us spreading more germs rather than destroying them. However, plenty of tools can get us back on track so that even the most immunocompromised person can feel at ease.

Hand Dryers

Whenever we are done washing our hands, we need a way to wipe them off. For most homes, this is just a simple towel that is hanging near the sink. While this proves to be useful, you need to remember how many others are using that same towel. Even worse, do you remember when it was last switched out?

Hand towels can become full of both soap and bacteria over time. With this in mind, wiping off with a towel is like not washing your hands at all. Instead, you could opt to put a hand dryer in your bathroom. You have seen them in a multitude of public spaces and probably use them often. With the way of your hands, the sensors automatically release hot air, keeping the process hands-free.

Better Bath Mats

To keep the bathroom floor clean and to prevent hazards like slipping, most people lay down bath mats. Although plenty of us love the look and feel of a fluffy cloth mat, it can actually be doing more harm than good. When wet, this material can fall victim to mold and mildew growth, as these spores feed off damp areas. The results lead to odors and respiratory problems.

Instead, you should opt for more durable mats made of sustainable materials. Some great choices to consider using include bamboo or cork, as they dry much faster. They can also give your bathroom a more modern appearance. If you keep cotton mats, switch them out frequently and wash them with hot water.


Using the toilet is something that cannot be stopped or ignored, and once you relieve yourself, you probably dry off using toilet paper. Even though it serves its purpose, it is not a hygienic process. Considering you wipe back and forth, you might just be spreading bacteria across your genitalia and anal regions, which can lead to infection.

This is why other countries use bidets instead of standard toilets. Spraying water after you use the bathroom can easily target leftover urine or fecal matter, making for a more thorough cleaning. Companies such as Swan Toilets have upped the game when it comes to bidets by making all parts of the bathroom process hands-free.

Thanks to its remote control, the Swan S Pro allows you to customize your whole experience, such as heating the seat and automatically opening and shutting. Even the dirty and unpleasant job of scrubbing the device is taken care of, as it is a self cleaning toilet!

Other Considerations

Along with making some installation changes, you can make a few life changes, as well. A good idea to keep in mind is turning on a fan after you shower, as it dries off the walls and eradicates condensation that could lead to mold growth. You should also remember to change the liner in your shower or tub once a month to prevent similar issues.

With so many different tips and tricks available, there is no excuse for ignoring the cleanliness of your bathroom. Even if some options are a little pricey, the effects of leaves make them worthwhile.

When you opt for a device like the Swan S Pro, you are not only helping your loved ones in a health aspect but in an accessibility one, as well. Because it is hands-free, those who need a little assistance or have a disability can go to the toilet without worry. If the price concerns you, you can know that financing is available through the Swan Toilets website!

Our health is important, and our homes should be doing their part to keep it intact. With a little creativity and some changes to the bathroom, you can eliminate the number of germs inside the household by a significant amount.