Double Front Doors vs. Single: Is Bigger Always Better?

Front doors play a pivotal role when it comes to making a statement about your home’s entrance. They serve as the gateway to your abode, setting the tone for what lies beyond. Among the myriad decisions you’ll make while designing or renovating your home, the choice between a single front door or the grandeur of a double front door stands as a pivotal one. Yet, this decision transcends mere aesthetics; it’s a harmonious balance between design elegance, functional considerations, and your taste.

The Allure of Double Doors

Double front entry doors undoubtedly make a dramatic statement. They create instant visual interest and gravitas at the centre of a home’s facade. The symmetrical pair of doors flanked by stately columns or sidelites provides balance, while the extra width connotes importance.

Something is inviting about seeing two doors ready to open wide in welcome. The grand scale helps make a great first impression on visitors. Double doors also allow flexibility in design. Opt for elegant leaded glass French doors to let in light, stylish Craftsman doors to complement an arts & crafts bungalow, or rustic barn doors on a country cottage.

The Simplicity of Single Doors

Single front doors have an ease and simplicity that double doors can lack. The centred, solitary door provides a classic, uncomplicated look. A single custom door feels intimate and cozy, inviting guests in without pretence. They allow the home’s design details, like moulding, landscaping, and door surrounds, to shine.

Single front doors also have practical advantages. They are typically more affordable and energy efficient, with reduced gaps and drafts. One wide door eliminates awkward moments coordinating the opening and closing of two doors. A single door swings entirely out of the way into a room, unlike double doors that still take up interior space even when flung open.


Choosing between double and single front doors involves a careful balance between aesthetics, functionality, and your home’s unique characteristics. At the end of the day, choose what fulfils your aesthetic vision and practical needs.

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