One of the most necessary appliances a house may have is a toilet. Every day, we flush our waste down the toilet on a regular basis. When they need to be corrected, they may interfere with your routine and lead to a number of other issues if they are not dealt with efficiently or quickly.

While you might attempt to clear small obstructions, bigger tasks should be left to experts like the crew at The Bosworth Company. Calling an emergency plumber in Midland, TX is the best plan of action when a straightforward flush turns into a bathroom flood. If you employ them, your house won’t turn into a soggy, foul disaster.

Common Symptoms

You must be aware of the warning signs in order to get the proper aid. The most obvious indications that your toilet needs repair are as follows:


  • Slowly filling the toilet bowl
  • Ongoing flushing sounds
  • A bathroom sink that is “sweating.”
  • Low water pressure.


Causations and Effects

Your toilet may become insufficient for a number of causes, all of which might have detrimental effects.


Of course, a blockage is the most frequent issue. The drains of a toilet may also handle water or items that break down quickly, such as toilet paper, in addition to waste. Anything larger than what fits through the drain’s typical diameter of a little over three inches will rapidly become trapped.

Pipe backups and poor water flow may be brought on by clogs. This will stop anything else from flushing down the toilet, but it might damage your pipes. As the water attempts to pass the obstruction, pressure may build up, leading to leaks or burst pipes.

Valves That Are Not Working

A group of valves in the back tank are responsible for controlling your toilet. Valves are very commonly prone to malfunction or failure. As the tank fills up with water, silt may assemble and stop the valves from operating. Furthermore, a sudden change in water pressure might cause them to become loosened.

If a malfunctioning valve cannot regulate the flow, the water in your toilet may become uncontrollable. You may still be at risk of flooding even if you turn off the water supply to your toilet since flooding may result in significant damage and expensive flood cleanup.

Broken or Damaged Seals

The wax ring at the base of your toilet serves as the seal. Although it may not seem important, the seal is really important to how your toilet functions. It creates an airtight barrier that blocks the passage of water or sewage. This keeps your floor spotless and your bathroom odor-free from sewage pipes.

As it ages, the seal is vulnerable to degradation. If it is not properly installed or changed, it will also fall free rapidly. If a broken seal wasn’t fixed, it would undoubtedly cause the previous leaking. If breathed in, sewage gas leaks and water damage may be dangerous to your health.

Prevention Methods

Fortunately, every one of the aforementioned problems may be avoided. Being aware of what you are flushing is the easiest precaution you can take. Diapers, condoms, and tampons should all be thrown away in the trash. To stop kids from flushing toys, it’s a good idea to keep your toilet lid tight.

You must open the toilet’s back to inspect the valves if the water in it begins to overflow. They may need to be cleaned. To prevent disasters, you should check them often. The seal on your toilet is the same.

It is recommended to get in touch with The Bosworth Company for crucial regular maintenance. Every house needs toilets, but experts are aware that they are plagued with problems that novices need to be prepared to manage. Your toilet should always continue to function well since it is the most often used resource in your house, yet this is inevitable. When a plunger is unable to provide relief, and you need a skilled plumber, call The Bosworth Company.