Florida Interiors: 5 Types of Lighting You Should Consider for Your East Boca Raton Home

When figuring out how to buy a home in East Boca Raton, one of the factors you learn to look at when viewing listings is lighting. Lighting – both natural and artificial – plays a crucial role in the architectural, design, and functional aspects of a home. Light can make a room feel more peaceful or sophisticated and tons of natural light can increase the value of a home. Whether you are looking to move or redecorating your house, here are five lighting options you should know about and incorporate in your home.

Ceiling-Mounted Lights

Nearly every home you explore with East Boca Raton FL real estate experts Royal Palm Estates Realty will have ceiling-mounted lights. Ceiling-mounted lighting is the most common and basic type of lighting found in a home. As the name suggests, these are light fixtures affixed to the ceiling, usually in a flush or semi-flush configuration. They provide the most light in a room and usually illuminate a space from above. Semi-flush options leave a space between the light and the ceiling while flush fixtures touch the ceiling. If you don’t have tons of natural light, ceiling-mounted lights are the best way to flood a room with light. They are ideal for large spaces, such as living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is designed to set the mood of a room. Next to ceiling-mounted lighting, it is usually the most dominant lighting in a room. This is despite the fact that ambient lighting is configured to illuminate a room without overwhelming it. Depending on your tastes, you can pick different types of ambient lighting fixtures to transform a room. Popular options include wall sconces, which you can use to flank a bathroom mirror or fireplace mantle, and floor lamps.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting serves both aesthetic and functional needs, elevating your exterior spaces and enhancing safety and security. Subsequently, there are two types of outdoor lighting – landscape lighting and security lighting. This type of lighting is great for highlighting certain architectural features, preventing accidents, lighting pathways, and more.

Dining Lighting

Dining lighting works like ambient lighting to set the mood around the dining area. Depending on your needs, dining light fixtures can be aesthetic, functional, or both, helping to light the area while simulating a certain atmosphere. The most popular dining lighting options are pendant lights and chandeliers. Both options lend an air of elegance to your dining space, although pendant lights are more customizable than chandeliers. 

Task Lighting

Task lighting fixtures are lights that illuminate task-specific areas, such as where you work or read, your food preparation area, and more. The best task lighting is bright enough to let you see what you are doing and glare-free to protect your eyes during long exposure hours. Common examples of task lighting include desk lamps, under-cabinet lights, and over-counter lights. 

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While important to your interior decor, lighting is only one aspect of the perfect home. Navigating the East Boca Raton real estate market successfully requires a keen eye and tons of experience. If you are interested in making East Boca Raton your new home, contact Royal Palm Estates Realty. This team of experts boasts over $200 million in recent luxury sales and an intimate knowledge of the East Boca Raton housing market. Call today to learn more.