Four Tips to Help You Buy the Best Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities come in different styles that can be used for customising a bathroom, offering you a sophisticated touch. If you are like other homeowners, you probably see your bathroom as an important private space in your house. If this is the case, you may want to invest in Kitchen Wholesalers bathroom vanities that reflect the style you desire, improve the comfort you are enjoying, and make the room more useful than before. The tips below can help you pick the best bathroom vanity:

Take Into Account the Size of Your Bathroom

Generally, bathrooms are among the smallest rooms in homes. Because of this, you must pick the right size of vanities that fit the space. Ideally, the vanity must offer enough storage for your bathroom supplies, offering enough room for cleaning and grooming activities. The last thing you want is a big vanity that is taking space in the bathroom, hindering your comfort. 

Consider Who Will Use the Vanity

Do you share the bathroom with someone, you should consider vanities that have double sinks. This way, you both can easily clean up when you are in a hurry. In addition, consider mirrored vanities to make it easier for people to groom and clean. Double vanities are perfect for couples because they offer enough storage space and counter. For your guest rooms, a single vanity may work since it is seldom used.

Think About Bathroom Plumbing

Speak with a plumber first before you buy your vanities. Depending on your plumbing system’s design, you may need to do extensive remodelling work. For example, if you opt for wall-mounted vanities, this may require plenty of plumbing work while their floor-mounted vanities may not require extensive moving of the plumbing. Thus, plumbing has an influence on the vanities’ design. By being aware of this ahead, you can pick the vanities that complement the plumbing system of your bathroom. 

Choose Vanities that Improve the Design Aesthetics of the Bathroom

With a lot of styles, finishes, and colours available for bathroom vanities, you can choose those that complement the room’s overall design. You can opt for traditional, contemporary, rustic, or sleek styles. In addition, you can invest in custom-made vanities that show your unique style. The best vanities must also make it easy for people to move around. Ensure the vanities are installed in a place that does not stop the traffic flow. Think about the door swing, to ensure the vanities do not prevent the bathroom door from opening.