Here are Some Easy Ways to Get Rid of Molds?

One cannot deny the fact that every house has a bit of mold growths in some corner or the other. When moisture mixes with darkness inside the house, the growth of the molds accelerate. Hence, it is necessary to get them removed as and when you notice them. Because if it continues to grow, it can create larger problems in the future. 

So, here are some simple ways with which you can remove the molds at your home. 

  • Before you are trying to remove the molds, you should ensure that nobody in your vicinity is allergic to molds. There are high chances of some molds to be extremely toxic in nature and teasing them might trigger extreme reactions within you. If you are facing troubles in removing them yourself, try calling the professionals to help you out.
  • It is easier to find molds in areas that are damp, moist or dark. These areas include the kitchen, bathrooms, basement, garage, flooded areas or cabinets with plumbing leakage or even the exteriors. 
  • Next, you can start by removing all the articles present in the affected area and start with a clean area. Place those articles in direct sunlight in order to dry up the mold spores. This will reduce the chances of further contamination. 
  • Now, initiate the process by mixing oxygen bleach and water in a bucket or in a spray bottle. The bleach will be killing off the spores and the bacteria. This is a completely safer option to use since it does not harm your respiratory system. 
  • After that, wipe all the articles present in that area with a microfibre cloth. You can use the bleach solution for better results. Place them back in the sunlight to dry up. Always use a mask to prevent yourself from getting exposed to the mold dusts.
  • Once the area is cleaned off and the affected articles are also disinfected, it is now time to clean off the mold remnants from the hard surface. Spray the solution on the walls and keep for 15 minutes. Then wipe it off with a damp microfibre cloth. Once done, let it dry either naturally or under a fan. 

DIY process might look easy but having the professionals by your side can get you far better results in no time. And, this is where Multisinistres can help you out.