Home Automation in Residential and Commercial Sectors 

In this article, we take a look at how Legrand has helped residential and commercial sectors become more effective and efficient through the power of smart devices and technology. 

Automation In Residential Sectors

With smart technologies like Alexa & Vantage, houses in Mangalore are living the advantage like never before!


Here’s how Legrand transformed an ordinary Mangalorean home into a truly intelligent one. 

The Process

Legrand Architects, Ar. Asif Mohammed & Vaisakh revealed their thought process behind creating a 100%, integrated smart home. 

“We started by drawing the inside, outside character of a house, which ensures privacy and openness at the same time”.

Privacy and openness? Sounds contradictory right?

Well, Legrand’s experts explained further – “In India, when you look outside, there are buildings everywhere, but there are ways in which we manage to ensure the privacy of a home”. 

By installing a vertical green patch outside the window, homeowners are dazzled by beautiful scenery. This guarantees their privacy once the automatic curtains are opened with a smart tablet.

To ensure energy saving, Legrand makes use of the house’s huge windows. The architects’ challenge was to balance the light inside and outside; therefore, Legrand’s Sunlight Sensors have been used to regulate light levels. This technology detects the amount of light present in rooms and balances it to the outside. 

The next aspect is the integration of Alexa, Google Assistant & Vantage. With just a few voice commands, the TV can be switched on, and living lights can be adjusted to 10%. 

Sumanth Sarangapani, a system integrator from Ivory sheds light on the technologies used in this Mangalore home.

“We were brought into the project for automation and had to ensure remote management, energy management, security & surveillance. Thus; we decided to opt for Vantage Controls by Legrand. I stopped thinking like an engineer for a while, and started thinking like a family member”. 

Other hidden features & benefits include: 

  • An integrated system that activates lights & alarms, giving the impression that someone is always home.
  • Special features to make the homeowner feel special on birthdays & anniversaries. 
  • Technologies to make the user always feel welcome. For example, when one enters the parking area, the lights switch on automatically. 
  • Mood lighting for different occasions, be it a festive occasion or house party. 
  • Vantage also takes into account the daylight savings aspect. Sunlight is factored in to reduce energy consumption. 

With Legrand, you too can create your own home experience. Their lighting control & home automation systems can add a spark to your life.

Automation In Commercial Sectors

In Chandigarh, everything is larger than life; especially wedding festivities. 


Spread over 10 acres; it’s safe to say that no one can make the big fat Indian celebration bigger, better or shinier than the Grand Orient Banquet hall in Panchkula. 


But, the grandest aspect isn’t its size.

It’s the high-end lighting control from Legrand that brings this splendour to life with the touch of a few buttons. 

The Process

The owners of the Grand Orient Banquet, Mr. Varun Arora and Mr. Ashok Garg revealed their thought process and vision behind this tech-savvy creation. 


“We were always fascinated by big Indian weddings. Legrand helped us make big weddings even bigger, and the overall experience with them was fantastic”.

The structure has become a hotspot for marriage parties in North India thanks to Legrand’s automation and lighting systems.

So, how did this work?

Mr. Vivek Sharma, a system integrator working at Legrand, explained the science behind the art.

“Mr. Garg came up with the idea of a grand banquet. He approached us to design and implement the system. It was challenging, but luckily, the experts at Legrand follow a standard installation procedure worldwide”.

Products & Benefits

  • Legrand installed almost 2,000 lighting circuits with over 200 colour changing lights. Thus, wedding organisers can control the entire ambience of the palace with the help of a DMX controller. 
  • Through iPad Scenario Control, interior lights can sense sunlight and follow time schedules, reducing brightness automatically. This ensures almost 20% power saving.
  • The grand staircase is fitted with individual lighting controls. Hence, all chandeliers, as well as lighting systems, can be controlled through one device.
  • Nuvo, Legrand’s entertainment system is used for music integration, and the palace’s HVAC adjusts automatically through sensors.
  • With smart integration capabilities of Vantage Control Systems, complex tasks can be integrated quickly, thus achieving energy efficiency.
  • Vantage lighting sensors are installed in washrooms and common areas. That’s not all, third-party security cameras and surveillance solutions are integrated directly through Vantage. 


Wedding organisers can control all these aspects through an iPad, keypad or touch screen. Talk about living the advantage!

Lighting Consultant Sandeep Basur spoke about some of the challenges faced while completing this project.

“The Grand Orient was challenging because of the sheer scale. It has a 100-meter wide and 100-meter high facade. But once Legrand was brought onboard to automate the palace, things went off without a hitch.”


Get the action going with the right lighting and get the proper lighting going with state of the art control systems from Legrand. Their incredible technology makes so much possible with so little!