House Types to Look to For Inspiration When Building a Home 

If you have decided to build a home, then it is fair to say that of all the property endeavors a private individual could undertake, you’ve embarked on one of the most ambitious. Ambitious means challenging, of course, but it also means rich rewards when you pull it off. 

However, once you get to the point of building the house (i.e., laying the first brick) you are already most of the way there. That’s because building a house is, of course, no small matter and there are a mountain of planning and financing to be done before then. 

Part of the planning, funnily enough, involve choosing what type of house you are going to build. You might think that this is a matter of personal taste and budget constraints, but building your own home is certainly no ordinary undertaking. Just as any purchase of a home is an investment, building your own is one. But hold on? In what way is simply buying a home an investment? 

The reason you need to think of any property acquisition as an investment is that homes, once owned, do not tend to go anywhere. You might buy a home you expect to live out the rest of your life in, but if the home appreciates in value over that time (even if it’s thirty years) then it is an investment. 

The same is absolutely true of building your own home – you need to think of it as an investment. The investment in question is all the building materials, planning permissions, and budgeting that goes into constructing a home, and the payoff is when you sell it on. 

Choosing a Style Wisely 

So, what type of style should you go for? CityHome Collective, a brokerage out of Salt Lake City specializing in luxury homes, note that different styles go in and out of fashion while others have a more enduring appeal. To see a return on your home, you should pick a style that is perennially popular. Or, if you are building the home just to sell it, you should choose one that is currently popular. 

These are, however, pretty diverse and there is a lot of inspiration you can take. There is also the question of hybrid styles, and you can of course incorporate different styles into the eventual construction of your home. This isn’t quite the same thing as being an architect yourself (in which case the styles are limitless) but you can mix and match to a degree. 

Inspirational Styles 

Perhaps the best move then is to take inspiration from the prevailing home styles out there. Sticking with the classics is a terrific way to ensure a return on this most ambitious of investments. 

The Traditional House 

This might sound like a very generic name for a style, but you can see it well represented in typical suburban communities. Two floors and an attached garage are hallmarks, leaving much room of experimentation in the actual facade and architectural style. 

Modern House

Another generic name which is nevertheless marked out by sleek lines, an open floor plan and an emphasis on light and space. Modern furnishings look best here. 

A Barn Home 

This is a little more unusual, but one which is becoming steadily more prevalent. It is therefore a safe bet and a good source of inspiration. Large windows, wood and stone building materials, and, well, looking like a traditional American barn are the key defining features here. 

Whatever home you build (and you have a lot of freedom) it is always wise to seek inspiration in what has gone before.