How Curtains Are Cleaned While They Are Hanging?

Curtain cleaning is one chore that is often overlooked by homeowners. Many people find curtain cleaning Canberra a tiring task that takes up their entire day. Removing curtains from rods requires manpower and later washing up can be a lot of hassle for one day.

But, did you know you can clean your curtains while they are hanging and that too without professional curtain cleaners Canberra? Yes, you read that right. Cleaning curtains without removing them is much easier and hassle-free. In such a situation, you only need to worry about the cleanliness of the fabrics.

Now, let’s understand how you can clean your curtains at home while they are hanging!


Shaking out curtains is much easier when they are hanging. All you need to do is grab the lower part of the curtain and shake them. Make sure you shake them enough to remove dirt and dander from the fabric.

Keep in mind to not shake extremely dirty curtains inside your house. For dirty curtains rely on curtain cleaners Canberra. This step is only effective when you take care of your curtains every month.

Use Lint Roller

Many homeowners have velvet material curtains. These fabrics add softness to your space however, they attract a lot of dirt. You may notice pet hair and other strands stuck inside the velvet curtains.

Shaking out these curtains isn’t enough. You should use a lint roller for removing dry dust from velvet curtains. Just roll them from top to bottom, covering every inch of the fabric. This roller is a blessing for homeowners having a pet at home!

Vacuum Clean Your Curtains

With curtain shaking and a lint roller, you can get rid of the dry dust and debris. However, for deep cleaning, it is important that you use a vacuum cleaner to get a professional curtain cleaning Canberra-like result.

Feel free in using an upholstery attachment along with the vacuum cleaner. Run the vacuum cleaner up and down on both sides of the curtain. This is effective in eliminating all kinds of allergens and dust your curtains may have.

Curtain Steam Clean

If your curtain fabrics are ideal for steam cleaning, you should invest in a steam cleaner, or rent out one.  Just add some water and a few drops of liquid soap to the steamer.

Set the temperature and get started with steam cleaning. The process of steam cleaning your curtains becomes easier when your curtains are hanging. Make sure to maintain some distance of 4-6 inches from the curtains when using a steam cleaner. This will help you in avoiding the wetting situation with your curtains.

Dry Clean Your Curtains

In case your curtain fabrics should not be wet washed, dry cleaning is an ideal option for you. Surprisingly, you can use a dry cleaning agent in your steamer and clean your curtains at home without any hassle.

However, it is recommended to avail professional curtain cleaning Canberra so your curtains remain in safe hands. Leave the task to experts and let them dry clean your curtains properly promising effective results and maximum safety.

Remove Odor

Curtain odor is a pretty common issue. The fabrics absorb a lot of smoke, dirt, and odor from the house. Moreover, humidity and allergens play an important role in the odor of your curtain. It is important to get rid of curtain odors as they can trigger allergic reactions.

For curtain odor removal, you can use any store-bought deodorant made for curtains. Apply some on your curtains so they remain fresh-smelling for a long time.

Alternatively, you can make a solution using water, vinegar, and essential oil. Sprinkle it on the curtains and let them air dry. The vinegar will eliminate all kinds of odor from the fabric and the oil will release a pleasant smell.

Final words

Now you know, how easy it is to try curtain cleaning Canberra. Just let the fabrics hang, shake out the dust, clean the fabric and let it dry naturally. No need to remove curtains from the rod next time you plan on cleaning your fabrics!

Feel free in hiring curtain cleaners in Canberra in case you require professional assistance. Call us now at 0488845185!