How Is Commercial Painting Different From Residential Painting?

People often have the misconception that commercial painting and residential painting is done by the same painting contractor. However, the reality is different. Commercial painting is way too different from residential painting not only in terms of scale but also in terms of skills required. The increased amount per square foot of a commercial project makes the project more complicated. Starting from the number of painters to the material used everything will be more. Before hiring commercial painting services in Dallas, let’s find out what are the major differences between these two types of painting projects.  

Commercial painting project Vs Residential painting

The requirements of painting a residential building are different from the requirements of painting a commercial building. Although painting a home can be challenging, painting a commercial space that too which is in operating condition is more challenging. Here are the major differences:

  • Project size

Needless to say, the size of a commercial building is thrice the amount of a residential building or even more. While residential painting focuses on painting townhouses, apartments, and condominiums, commercial painting focuses on painting office buildings, factories or warehouse units, shopping malls, hospitals, retail malls, airports etc.

  • Number of painters involved

As the project size is bigger in the case of commercial painting, the number of painters required to finish the task within the said deadline will also be more. Time is a big factor when it comes to commercial painting as the entire work needs to be done within a limited time.

  • Painting materials involved

With more painters involved in a project, the required number of materials such as rollers, brushes, spatula, paint, step ladders etc. will also be more. Also in residential painting projects, mostly oil-based, water-based or latex-based paints are used. However, in residential painting a wide range of paint materials are used including flat, satin, semi-gloss, eggshell, and matte.

Why is commercial painting more challenging?

Commercial painting services in Dallas are not only restricted to mere painting a building but they also offer a wide range of services such as brick waterproofing, roof coatings, concrete ceiling repair, line stripping, masonry coating, joint expansion ceiling, metal door painting and so on. Commercial painting is more challenging than residential painting because of various reasons.

Firstly, the working hours are pretty hectic. Painters have to work during office hours or operating hours in a factory. Naturally, for a painting project, the daily production cannot be stopped. Therefore painters need to work tactfully to finish the project on time. Sometimes painting contractors also have to work on shifts or after normal working hours to meet the deadline.

Secondly, since a commercial painting project requires different painting materials, the painters need to have the proper skills and knowledge about different materials and how to use them the correct way.

Thirdly, painters have to take special safety precautions to work on factory sites and commercial sites.


The management of a commercial painting project is pretty tough as there are a lot of things to be taken care of. Commercial painting services in Dallas keep no stone unturned to complete the project on time and provide quality work to the clients. Although commercial painting projects are more expensive than residential projects, there are reasons behind it.