How to hang Drapery Curtains?

Hanging draperies is a task that can be complicated. If you have ever tried, you know how difficult it can be to get your curtains hung just right. To help, here are some of the most common questions people have about draperies and their solutions.

The first step is locating your curtains rod. A wide window may need two rods, one on each side of the window if you want drapes covering both sides of the window. Your next step is determining how much fabric you need for your desired look. For curtains that touch the floor or have a valance at the top, measure from the floor to where you would like your curtains to hit on the windowsill. If they will not cover all of the window sills, measure accordingly so they reach halfway down the windowsill. Then measure across at eye level to determine how many panels will fit evenly lengthwise. Add extra panels as needed for width and height. To find out how many hooks or rings you’ll need, multiply the number of panels by two (one set per panel) then divide by three (for three per set). To hang drapery curtains, start by making sure the top of the curtain rod is even with the ceiling and centered above the windowsill. Hang one end of the first panel over the edge of the windowsill and pull until it touches the ground or meets with other panels on either side. Secure with clips or thumbtacks placed evenly along the outer edge of the panel. Next, hang the remaining panels off-hook/ring brackets spaced equally apart along the perimeter edge of the rod near where other hooks/rings are secured to the wall.

Types of Drapery Curtains

There are several different types of Drapery curtains on the market, all with unique qualities. Here’s a list of some of the most popular options available. – Sheer curtains are lightweight and translucent, giving you privacy and letting in plenty of light while still providing some level of privacy. They’re a popular choice for bedrooms or any other space where you need a light filter but want total privacy. – Semi-sheer curtains are heavier than sheer curtains and offer more privacy than sheer curtains, but not as much as solid curtains. They’re often used in living rooms or dining rooms for this reason.

Care tips about Drapery Curtains

Draperies are one of the most important aspects of your home. They can transform a room and set the tone for everything else in it. Draperies also provide a feeling of coziness and warmth, which is perfect for cold winter months. 

Here are some care tips that will help keep your draperies looking their best: 

1) Always use rods appropriate for the weight of your drapes. Rods should be hollow or have center support when used with heavy drapes so that they won’t bend under their weight. Using heavier rods will also make it easier to open and close them since draperies shouldn’t be pulled by hand when trying to open or close them. 

2) Be careful not to hang your curtains too high up on the rod. Hanging curtains higher than 8 feet from the floor makes them difficult to clean and causes excess wear on the fabric as well as damaging drywall at lower heights.

3) Don’t store your draperies until you’ve properly cleaned them after every season. The longer you wait before cleaning, dirt and dust particles will embed themselves into fabrics making it much more difficult to get out.