In Massachusetts, you always need to figure out what to expect in the wintertime. Some years, it can be mild, while others can see you buried in piles of snow. No matter which way it turns out, the season is always cold. To keep yourself comfortable, you most likely run to your furnace or another heating source for rescue.

Though their duty is appreciated, furnaces will only work correctly if they are cared for. In fact, some people even find that their units won’t turn on after the first cold snap. This could be due to a number of factors, but it can often be avoided by preparing your furnace early on. Whether you do it yourself or with the help of RCL Mechanical’s furnace maintenance in Taunton, MA, the following tips will keep you warm this winter.

Change and Clean Your Filters

Whenever a heater provides you with warm air, it also promotes air quality by clearing out dust and debris. To do this, they often contain filters. After a while, the filters can become too clogged with filth. This not only pushes the dirt back into the air but can cause insufficient heat and even overwork the furnace to the point of a breakdown.

Cleaning out filters is not only easy, but it can take less than 30 minutes to complete. You have to open the filter door and remove the filter. For replaceable ones, switch them out and make sure it is fitted securely. Otherwise, you can clean your filters using a damp cloth or a slight vacuum. After placing your filters back in, make sure the door is secure.

Check the Intake Pipe

The intake pipe is one of the most significant components of a furnace system; it is essential in delivering a stable and adequate heat supply during the winter season. It aids with the movement of air into the furnace’s chamber, allowing it to produce heat as effectively as possible.

Because of its location, the intake pipe can quickly become blocked by debris like leaves or dirt. Along with blocking heating, an obstructed pipe can be a fire hazard. Sometimes it is easy for you to clear out more considerable debris like twigs, but calling in a company like RCL Mechanical can guarantee a more thorough pipe cleaning. Make sure to call them in if you also begin to notice any cracks in the line.

Thermostat Settings

Because you want to be warm during the winter, your initial reaction may be to crank your furnace as high up as possible. Unfortunately, doing so will lead to an overworked system and increased energy bills. Consider elements such as household size, type of building insulation, windows, and other air infiltration sources when determining the ideal temperature.

You can make it even easier to keep your thermostat lowered by weatherizing other parts of your home. To avoid drafts, make sure to use weather strips on your windows and doors. You can also clean your gutters to stop snow or ice from amassing up. Just as important as your furnace, your water heater’s temperature should also be regulated for the best functionality.

Get an Annual Checkup

Outside of your own handiwork, the best care you can provide for your furnace is getting an HVAC technician to come in for a routine maintenance check. RCL Mechanical, for instance, can complete all of the above work and so much more for a sufficient winter preparation method.

By calling them in before winter, RCL Mechanical can also seek out any potential issues that could turn dangerous if not taken care of immediately. Furnaces are susceptible to broken coils and loose wires, both of which can spark fires. They can also search for any leaks, which could lead to the same results or even cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Only some furnaces can be fixed, and there are times when a total replacement may be your best choice. After all, this can save you money on more patchwork in the future. Replacing a broken furnace now prevents you from being stuck in the cold during a blizzard.

RCL Mechanical knows how to handle any brand of furnace and is proud to offer services to residents of Taunton, Raynham, and Middleborough, MA. No one should be forced to freeze, so they offer flexible financing options and have coupons for their services.

Furnaces need to be taken care of even when they are not in use. This gives you a higher guarantee that they will run properly whenever winter does run its course. For a keen eye and helpful hand for your maintenance needs, contact RCL Mechanical.