How Would You Choose The Ideal Profile For Skirting Boards?

A skirting board or a baseboard is a protective cover that links the floor and the wall. However, its job does not remain confined to this only as it enhances the look of your rooms that contrast the levels or aesthetically matches your living space and furniture. Due to this reason, every person should select the ideal skirting board profile. It is more important when you replace your old floors or install new floors.

The ideal profile

The colors of your baseboards should distinctly contrast or match your floors. For this purpose, you can go through the old skirting board profiles, too, as they can provide some clues. The whole pattern ought to express as well as lay stress on the design and interior structure of the home. The perfect option of skirting would reflect architecture, decoration, and furniture.

Kinds of profiles

People use countless methods to design their homes, and for this purpose, they take their pick from various kinds of MDF board profiles. Some profiles like Bevelled, Torus, and Ogee are regarded as excellent choices when people look for a spic and span finish and simple designs. Contrarily, if the design of their homes replicates a historical era, then they should choose from lots of decorative profiles as they would spotlight their interiors well. Some profiles, such as WA Colonial, Colonial, QLD Colonial, NSW Colonial, Traditional Victorian, and Australian Colonial, seem to be superb choices that work to reflect people’s particular designs and tastes.

Other profiles

Based on your preference of liking and design, you might like other profile types. Some profiles like WA Single Bullnose, Bullnose, Pencil Round, WA Double Bullnose Square Dress, and Double Pencil Round seem to be excellent choices when you look for low-impact or minimalistic interior skirting board designs. Some profiles like Half Splayed, Lambs Tongue, Nosing, Federation, and Replica fit well for modern interiors and designs.

Choosing the best one

You can select the ideal skirting board that would go well with your interiors and floors by narrowing down your options, and they would reflect the furniture, character, and period of your home. And after this, you must select the one that would be ideal for your taste.

The change in skirting boards

Today, there has been a huge change in the usage of skirting boards. Earlier in the Victorian period, skirting boards were highlighted. Back then, people used picture rails for hanging picture frames, and dado rails were used to prevent the chairs’ backs that used to damage the walls. But today, skirting boards have undergone huge changes. If you look at the old skirting board profiles, you will find that today, these boards are seen as fashionable. Hence, people include them in their homes to make them stand out from the rest.

The essential inclusion

You will fill find skirting boards in various thickness options and heights, and the public was not allowed to access them during the Victorian era. Nowadays, skirting boards seem to be an essential inclusion in every home not only for their warmth and protection to the wall but for giving life to a house and style.