It Is the Best Time Now for the Brilliant Contractors

The success or failure of a construction project largely depends on choosing the right contractors. But how do you know if you are making the right choice? How to reduce a long list of professionals to arrive at a selection of good candidates? We help you decide through these golden tips for Brilliant Contractors.

Get There On Time

The best contractors are often booked a long time in advance. Shell contractors often have a full year’s schedule, especially if it’s a company with one or two workers. But this applies to contractors who will cross your path later, such as the roofer, the screed or the plasterer. However, this should not scare you. Indeed, the more time you have before you start, the more opportunity you will have to request quotes and visit various showrooms and show houses. In this case, you still have to keep the total available budget in mind. If for some reason you still need to start faster, make your choice even more carefully.

Take the Time

The decision does not necessarily have to fall within 24 hours. The price is certainly important, but the quality provided by the contractor is just as important. A very low price is usually just too good to be true. And ‘more expensive’ does not necessarily mean ‘better’. All the more reason not to rush too much you have a virtual certainty for your choice, but the contractor has no availability in the coming months? The wait will likely be worth it, if the situation allows it.

Use the Canvas While Remaining Critical

You can often find online stories with comments about companies and entrepreneurs. These experiences may help to get a first idea, but you always have to put these reactions into perspective. A large company with many projects may receive a lower rating sooner, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an unreliable construction partner. Also, you can never be 100% sure of the motivation behind an online complaint. The reverse is also true: do not blindly follow a positive opinion. In summary: you have to keep a good critical spirit.

Are The Entrepreneur’s Finances Sound?

A certificate of establishment proves that the entrepreneur has the necessary technical skills. To obtain it, all entrepreneurs must register via a business counter. The counter verifies that the entrepreneur has the required knowledge, but also that he has sound finances and that he has no social security or tax debts.

Compare and Discuss Quotes

Do you have a series of potential entrepreneurs in mind? Important: ask enough quotes and do not compare apples and pears. Don’t forget to read the fine print. This is the only way to get a good overview of the right prices. Too complicated? Many architects are happy to help you compare quotes. Entrepreneurs have extremely busy days. Many companies therefore still have to process their quotes after their normal working day.

Prefer contact by telephone. Emails get lost quickly with such a busy schedule. Once the quote has arrived, you can also ask to discuss it in person. This directly gives a first idea of ​​the profile with whom you may be collaborating. Many entrepreneurs will also propose a meeting themselves. It is also possible that he invites you before even establishing an estimate.