Know When You Need An Emergency Plumbing Contractor In Gilbert, AZ

When certain plumbing issues arise, it is crucial to contact an emergency plumbing contractor in Gilbert, AZ. Time is of the essence, because the longer water or sewage remains on floors, it will continue to affect other parts of the home’s infrastructure. Walls, ceilings, furnishings, and unseen components like beams and insulation can all be damaged by water or sewage.

But, not every plumbing issue will require an emergency call, even though the sooner you fix a plumbing issue, the better! Ask the following 3 questions when you need to decide whether you should call a plumber after normal business hours, on weekends, or holidays.

Can the Issue Wait Until the Next Business Day?

While you can typically put off a clogged sink or non-flushing toilet in a second bathroom until the next morning, you must make sure there is not a leak associated with the problem. If any of your home fixtures or pipes are leaking, then considerable water damage can occur.

The same goes for a main toilet that is overflowing. The best option is to call a local plumber immediately to avoid dirty water and sewage from contaminating the home. And, after a number of hours, it is not even safe to breath in the vapors released by sewage. It could cause illnesses such as vomiting, cramping, and other GI issues.

Can the Water Be Turned Off?

You can buy yourself some time if you’re able to do without a shower, dishwashing, laundry, or using the toilets for a few hours. If so, just shut off the main water valve to the home, as long as the outdoor temperatures are not freezing cold. Your home’s main water valve will typically be found in one of 3 places:

  • In the basement or crawl space near the front of the home
  • Outdoors on the side of the home that is facing or closest to the street
  • Shut-off the isolation water valve that is nearest the plumbing fixture

The toilets and sinks will typically have an isolation valve where the homeowner can quickly turn off the water to that fixture. If the leak is directly from one of these plumbing fixtures, then simply turn off the isolation valve and call the plumber to make an appointment for service.

Will the Problem Cause Damage if You Leave It Alone?

No matter how small the leak, if it persists then significant water damage or sewage leakage has already occurred, then waiting to call your local plumber will likely only make the problem worse. Consider the following plumbing problems that demand an immediate response to protect your family and your investments:

  • Toilet is overflowing
  • Persistent pipe leaks
  • Water heater fails
  • Sewer backup
  • Signs of flooding
  • Frozen or burst pipes
  • Severely clogged drains

Hidden Signs of a Plumbing Problem

There are times when you should call a plumber, when you simply suspect you may have water or sewage spilling into the home or property. These not-so-obvious signs can spell big trouble – which is why you may want to make an emergency call to your local plumber:

  • A smell of sewage or chemical odors within the home
  • Bubbling or gurgling sounds coming from fixtures
  • Multiple clogged drains occurring at the same time
  • Sewage or food is backing up into toilets or sinks
  • Water bill increases significantly without a reason
  • Standing water in your yard, especially near foundation

When you need an Emergency Plumbing Contractor In Gilbert, AZ, contact Travis and Sons Plumbing for fast, friendly, and reliable service. We show up in emergencies, prepared with the equipment and tools needed to get the job done right, the first time!