Make a great choice and enjoy the trip to Maui at its best

In order to save on your holidays and grab a good opportunity, several tools allow you to compare prices for hotels, private homes and other options. However, how do we know we made a good choice? Here are some points you should keep in mind.

Meals included

When booking your Vacation home rental Maui, check if breakfast is included. Currently, some establishments charge breakfast separately, per day, per person. Besides checking if you have breakfast, see if the price is worth it. You may be paying more inside the accommodation than outside and the quantities and qualities of the meal are not what you expected. For your family budget, consider these extra expenses in meals, including breakfast. Sometimes it pays off to bet on local cafes, as you can choose what you want for your breakfast and get to know the local shops and people better.

See photos of the location

On any accommodation comparison platform, you can check photos of the place and we advise you to see photos of various rooms. Rooms, outdoor area, bar, garden, reception hall – see where you can have a holiday before booking. You can also compare them with photos on Google or on the establishment’s official website. Thus, you will have a real perception of space.

Hotel or local accommodation

A few years ago, hotels dominated vacation rentals, but now there are other alternatives with local accommodation and hostels. When choosing between one and the other, tailor your choice to the type of holiday you are going to take. If you have a short vacation and want to go out a lot, choose a hotel with the necessary amenities. If you want to be closer to the city center, use a local accommodation. If you have a longer vacation, think about booking a house for you and your family.

Have more or less comfort

When we travel, we want to explore places but we also want to be comfortable. When choosing your accommodation, think about your travel programme. Do you want to spend your days sightseeing? Do you prefer to have moments of rest and enjoy the comfort? See on the websites the various photos of the place and services available and choose an accommodation suitable for your personal care and that allows you to rest at the end of the day. Do not forget to check other users’ comments. Reviews from other guests can give you an idea about the cleanliness, comfort, service and space of the rooms. 

Extra savings: book directly with the accommodation

When searching for the best option, you can use accommodation aggregator websites as they compare locations and prices in just seconds, thus being able to find the best opportunities. However, remember that these companies charge a commission on hosting for each referred customer and may have higher prices. So, when you make your decision, contact the accommodation to confirm if there is still availability, what the current price is. In some situations, you can get a reservation on a site that indicated it was already sold out and even have a lower price, as it eliminates intermediation fees.