Make Sure Your Flooring, Countertop and Cabinets Match

When you have the budget to remodel your kitchen that can be an exciting time. You finally get to make the kind of changes you want to get the aesthetics and functionality you want. Whether your personal style includes Aphrodite stone countertops or another type, the countertops as well as the cabinets and flooring need to look right together. Think about the kitchen design, and the materials and also talk to professionals to learn about what they have to say. Their experience will mean they can offer suggestions and ideas when you might struggle to visualize the best way to approach things.

Coordinating floors, cabinets and countertops

One way to properly coordinate is to take advantage of professionals like Aphrodite, Tinton Falls. But then you also need to keep things simple so that you do not jump on a trend that goes out of fashion and then you have a kitchen you are not impressed with far too quickly. If you do it well you can make changes to things like decor and accents when it needs updating, and it will still look good. The three steps are as follows.

1) Decide on the color scheme

Prior to getting with a professional, you should take a look at some samples so you can narrow down the color scheme you prefer. It tends to work out best to keep it to one main color and then one or two complimentary or accent colors. For example, you might decide on darker flooring, white cabinets and then quartz countertops.

2) Choose the best countertop

When you know the color scheme you can better decide on whether you want an Aphrodite stone countertop or something else. You can also at this point choose the cabinets. Make sure the countertop material is one that suits your lifestyle and needs. You might want to avoid marble if you are heavy-handed and accident-prone in the kitchen and you have small children. Granite might be a better choice. However, granite is more expensive and if you are on a budget you might want laminate. Consider the surface pattern as well as colors to make sure it works with the cabinets, color scheme, backsplashes and flooring.

3) Add some accessories and accents

Then it is time to consider the extras like the accents and what accessories you are going to add. Are you choosing appliances with a certain finish? You can use bolder colors in small touches like this. Even the small appliances you have could have metallic finishes or bold colors. If you head to Aphrodite Tinton Falls or a professional close to you, they can help with some of these touches. For example, the type of handles you choose to have on your cabinets.


With some help from those who know what they are doing and taking care when it comes to rushing in to adopt the latest trend, you can get a kitchen you can enjoy for a long time. Get the flooring, countertops and cabinets right and you are almost there.