Materials You Will Need For Your Roof Replacement

When replacing your roof, it’s crucial to determine the real problem with the roof. A roof has the inside and the visible outside layers. When your inner layer is massively damaged, it means that your roof can easily collapse. Outside shingle or metal roof damage can easily get redone. The appearance of your house exterior depends on the condition of the roof. Therefore, determine if you will need a roof redo for an exquisite appearance. Here are some of the materials you may need to have for your roof repair.

Shingles Or Exterior Roof

If your shingles have sustained massive damage from snowflakes, heavy tree branches or are generally old, you may need them replaced. Consider consulting a professional and upgrading to a product like IKO Shingles for your new roof. Professional roof installers will also guide your house’s proper roof shingle design.

Water Shield

If your main maintenance issue is leaking, your roof repair team may advise on a water shield. It prevents your roof from water and snow falling on the roof. Shields consist of wide valleys to slide away ice or water that falls on the roof. Water shields are water repellants.

Roof Decks And Underlayers

You will need roof decks for the inner side of the roof. They are wooden cardboards put before the shingles or the exterior part of the roof is installed. The decks may need repair if they have overstayed and they are rotten. Weak roof decks can result in your roof collapsing. Underlayers are insulators above the roof deck. They are made of synthetic materials to prevent water from penetrating the decks. Have IKO Roofing professionals, among others, advise you on the extent of damage to your roof.

Water Edge Drip

They are usually located at the edge of the roofing shingles. If you replace your old shingles, you will also have to replace the edge drip for a matching roof layout. Before purchasing the water edge, ask the shingle company for the best edge drip for your shingles.

Ridge Caps

They are of the same design as the shingles. However, they curve upwards to fit on the space left when shingles from the side of the roof meet. They create a ridge-like appearance on the roof. If you are considering new roof shingles, you will likely need new ridge caps.

When contemplating a roof redo, determine if you need the whole roof re-made. If your roof is occasionally leaking, you will need a roofing expert for proper roofing. Also, choose the best insulation for your roof to prevent possible roof leaks.