Miami Magic: 5 Irresistible Reasons to Make the Move

Miami, FL, is undeniably a great place to live. For decades, this lively metro area has drawn people worldwide to live, work, retire, and play, a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. It is easy to see the allure of the Magic City. As the 2nd-largest metropolis on the East Coast and the 7th-largest in the country, it combines all the perks of urban living with a distinctly tropical ambiance, stunning beaches, and unrivaled party culture. Continue reading to learn why athletes and celebrities choose to live in Miami.

No State Income Tax

Florida does not levy income or social security taxes, which is why many retirees relocate to the state, as it saves them money in their golden years. However, you do not have to be a retiree to benefit from this tax break.

While you must still pay property and sales taxes, eliminating the income tax saves Miami homeowners thousands of dollars annually. Property taxes vary by neighborhood, but if you pay your property taxes in Miami early, you can earn a discount on your payment. So, with the cost of living in Miami being higher than the national average, people are flocking to the city.

Stunning Architecture

Miami has the 3rd-largest skyline in the United States, meaning that glittering glass condos and high-rises can be seen around the city. Nonetheless, the bright streets of The 305 are also graced by a varied assortment of house types.

luxury homes

Although there are many skyscrapers in Downtown Miami and Brickell, there are also many luxury homes for sale Miami. You can find single-family homes in Inland in Dadeland, Coral Gables, and South Miami. The home designs range from revivalist Mediterranean villas to classic stucco-sided bungalows, but there are also Mission-style residences.

Thriving Economy

Currently, Miami has one of the best economies in the world. Downtown Miami is the city’s financial core, with a large wealth management and banking presence. Some popular names include TD Bank, Bank of America, and the First American Bank.

Miami is also a tourist hotspot, thanks to its world-class beaches, year-round pleasant weather, and great entertainment scene. Other top drivers of the city’s economy include industries like healthcare, shipping and cruise, education, and tech.

Eclectic Arts Scene

Miami is unrivaled when it comes to art. Art is woven into the city’s fabric, from enormous galleries in Downtown to large murals in the neighborhoods. Local artists and global icons can engage with art lovers in Miami through the galleries.

The art world comes to life every December when Art Basel arrives in the city. This week-long arts celebration allows artists to display their work at pop-up galleries, complete with live music and refreshments, attracting collectors nationwide.

Melting Pot of Culture

From classically cooked dishes to bright paintings covering buildings, culture is central to the core of Miami. Miami is home to many different cultures, contributing to the city’s vibrant atmosphere.

The city is renowned as the “Gateway to Latin America” since it is home to numerous immigrants from the Caribbean, Cuba, Haiti, Central and South America, and other countries. If you like exploring new cultures, living in Miami allows you to indulge in numerous cultures. 

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