Mold Removal, Remediation and Inspection   

Mold removal in Los Angeles is a very important aspect of every home, building, or office. Mold occurs due to the presence of humid conditions in an area. Mold is very harmful because it produces allergens that can affect the respiratory system of humans, worsening conditions such as asthma and allergies. Do you live in Los Angeles? This article will guide you on the benefits you gain and the process of mold removal, remediation, and inspection.

Eliminates Health Risks from Indoor Mold Exposure

Molds thrive in humid and hidden places. If you live in a house with mold, the air quality is compromised. You breathe contaminated air which increases the risk of developing respiratory complications. If the molds are inspected, removed, and remedied, then the above risks are reduced, and the chances of developing the complications are minimized.

Reduces the Structural Damage of a Building

Molds are most likely to grow in the areas of the house that are not easily accessed or visible such as underneath carpets, ceilings, and wallpapers. Since molds survive in damp areas, the structures, especially the wooden ones, are easily destroyed by the molds. Removal and remediation would help curb the damage likely to occur on these structures.

Saves on Renovation and Reconstruction Costs

If the mold problem is ignored for a long time, it will cause severe damage to your building and structures. Later on, you will incur a lot of costs in an attempt to salvage your property from the damages caused by molds. Removal, inspection, and remediation in the early stages of mold development will enable you to save on these costs. Early remediation also ensures that the mold does not spread to other parts of your house or office.

The process of mold removal, remediation and inspection involves several steps. It is advisable to seek professional assistance in this process for effectiveness and efficiency. Los Angeles homeowners can get these services from Absolute Maintenance & Consulting. Clients seek professional services when it comes to mold removal and remediation. Therefore, their first step is calling or approaching the consultancy. Mold clean-up is not an easy task for the individual. For an effective procedure, the company follows the steps below.


After receiving the client’s call, the experts need to inspect the area keenly before starting the cleaning procedure. This process is to identify the source of the mold.


Assessment is carried out to determine the extent of the mold. It also helps determine the technique to be employed in the cleaning procedure and the chemicals used.

Containment of The Affected Area

The affected area should be contained to avoid spreading allergens and spores to other areas.

Mold Demolition

This is the actual cleaning of the mold. The affected materials are cleaned thoroughly to eradicate the mold. If they are affected beyond repair, they can be disposed of permanently.

Air Clean-Up and Filtration

During the cleaning process, mold particles may spread to other building parts, including indoor air. Therefore, there’s a need for filtration using the HVAC and clean-up using strong detergents.

Cleaning the Mold

Specialists use very strong chemicals to clean the mold. Spores that might have spread to other parts of the building are also cleaned during this stage. After cleaning, the entire area is sanitized to kill any remaining spores.


This is the final phase of mold cleaning. The professionals put everything back to place. Any materials that have been permanently disposed of are replaced during this phase.

Are you looking to eradicate mold from your home or office premises? Look no more as our company has qualified staff to offer the best Mold removal, Inspection, and Remediation services. Contact Absolute Maintenance & Consulting for all your mold cleaning services.

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