PRO recommendations when starting an architecture project in 2022

The Kalluna Interior Design project can completely transform environments. It is amazing how a simple layout change can affect so much. Whether in residential, commercial or industrial buildings, interior design aims to unite beauty and functionality. Many ideas that we see on the internet and on decoration sites delight our eyes, but which will be the best option for you and your space? Understand what an interior design project is and what the first steps for its elaboration are. 

Define your needs

Before looking for a professional, it is important to outline what your goals are, whether to make the space more beautiful or change the layout to improve functionality. Explaining your wishes and desires will facilitate the design of the project. In the initial conversation, the designer will ask about the project objectives, needs and desires of the owner. Therefore, the tip is to evaluate, seek references and dream about the project before the meeting.

Make a financial plan

Financial planning is essential. Do the math and pass an investment forecast to the architect or designer hired, as the budget will directly affect the following points –

  • Type of coating used in the project
  • Number and type of lighting points
  • Chosen adornments
  • Loose furniture used in the project
  • Planned Furniture
  • Plaster details
  • Painting pattern
  • Tapestry and curtains
  • Dimension of the intervention

It is possible to redesign an environment without spending a lot, but for that, the professional must direct the standard of finishing and types of service.

Hire a professional

Many people believe that the designer’s job is exclusively to decorate the environments. This view is not wrong, but the area of ​​activity is not so restricted. The designer can execute plans of interventions and alterations, cuts, details, elevations, specification of materials, schedules, budgets and management of works. In the projects, the designer has the autonomy to detail pieces of furniture, lighting points, specification of coating and painting materials. Designing every detail will translate into savings in execution. 

Ask for a mood board

The mood board is a visual reference panel for the project. It presents colors, textures, coatings and finishing patterns. In this way, it is possible to see with more detail and precision the color palette and the chosen items. The mood board explores the concept of brainstorming with references considered in the interior design project.

Check the project

The project will present the details, the arrangement of furniture, lighting points and adornments. Typically, architects present this information in a three-dimensional model, which makes it easier for clients to see.

Track the execution

We know that it is sometimes not so easy to visualize and understand the information presented in 3D models and floor plans. Therefore, it is common for questions to appear and even a desire for changes during execution. Be present at the work and check out the project details in person.

Did you like our tips on interior design systematically? Are you thinking about revamping some environment in your home or business? Contact us. We would love to help you with your new projects!