Reasons to Install a Standby Generator

Standby home generators deliver backup electrical power during grid outages. Ranging from essential circuits to whole-house coverage, they prevent freezers from defrosting, heat or AC from stopping, and lights from going dark. Several appealing factors make outfitting your property with emergency standby capabilities worthwhile. Here are some of the reasons to consider hiring a San Antonio & Boerne standby generator service to install a new generator.

Prevent Perishable Food Loss During Outages

Refrigeration and freezers perish crucial food stocks as temperatures rise without power. Generators allow fridges, standalone freezers, and HVAC systems to maintain operational cold environments for days if large blackouts occur. This avoids major food waste and spoilage costs.

Maintain Safe Indoor Temperatures Year Round

Losing forced air heating or air conditioning risks hazardous indoor conditions during extreme cold snaps or heat waves, especially for infants, the elderly, and those in poor health. Generators maintain furnace blowers or AC compressors, keeping conditions safe.

Power Medical Devices Without Disruption

For those relying on powered medical equipment like oxygen concentrators, CPAP machines or mobility aids, standby generator hookups prevent critical treatment gaps that degrade health when existing battery backups deplete after hours. Steady power saves lives.

Prevent Water Damage From Frozen Pipes

Without furnace blowers circulating warmth during winter cold snaps, pipes freeze, expanding until ruptures spring sizable leaks once warming returns. This risks extensive interior flooding damage. Maintained heat prevents ruptures.

Retain Function of Electric Garage Doors

Besides the inconvenience of forced manual operation during outages, seized electric garage doors pose security risks until grid restoration lets motors reset. Powered doors ensure reliable access control from outdoor keypads or remotes as intended.

Power Sump Pumps Against Basement Flooding

Many properties rely on electric sump pumps actively draining water seepage from foundation perimeter drains during storms or snow melts. Losing this automated protection allows water volumes to rise rapidly in basement utility spaces, submerging valuables or causing mold issues over time. Generators keep the pumps functioning.

Maintain Wired Home Security Systems

Hardwired alarm systems rely on grid connectivity with battery reserves only lasting hours once electricity ceases. Connecting your security system to emergency generator power preserves monitoring protection and communication channels until regular utility service resumes.

Operate Appliances, Electronics and Lighting

While non-essential, continuing the use of appliances, internet modems, televisions, and household lighting offers comfort and convenience, upholding typical modern living standards through extended grid failures lasting days. Backup power affords this temporarily.

Sustain Aquarium or Water Garden Health

Owners striving to preserve living aquarium ecosystems or water gardens through challenging blackout periods require maintaining filtration pumps, circulation and temperature equipment functional beyond the capacity of basic battery-powered backups. Integrating life support equipment into protected standby generator circuits preserves vulnerable aquatic life.

Eliminate Limited Battery Backup Hassles

Rechargeable battery uninterrupted power supplies provide basic temporary coverage but eventually run dry once recharging halts with grid failure, eventually disabling devices after short run times. Generators eliminate the ongoing frustrations of recharging and swapping small batteries every few hours, just trying to maintain key systems at minimal levels when extended multi-day outages occur. Permanent direct connections give a significantly longer run time.

Standby home generators represent prudent emergency preparedness investments, allowing uninterrupted operation of household systems otherwise jeopardized during electric grid shutdowns. Maintaining temperature regulation, food safety, health appliances, security devices, and basic living standards through the worst power failures provides peace of mind that precious property, systems, and loved ones endure storms and outage events safely.