Recycling Mattresses: How Important Is It? 

Mattresses recycling eliminates the need to make new mattresses. Not to mention, this protects priceless environmental capital utilized in the manufacturing of materials, such as fiber, foam, cloth, etc. the waste materials if not recycled will keep piling up and thus take up space generating waste. Technically, Recyc-Matelas mattress removal becomes extremely important to safeguard the environment. Besides this, there are a lot more reasons why recycling mattresses are important. Read on to find out. 

Why recycle mattresses?

When a person wants to get rid of a mattress, they throw it away. These mattresses were trashed in a landfill. Gradually the landfills became overburdened with mattresses. Recycling the mattress will reduce the waste generation in the landfills and reduce the carbon footprint.

Not recycling the mattresses will keep filling the lands they are trashed and when they become too full, other landfills have to be searched for to trash more mattresses. Finding new landfill creates problems for the animals, reducing the area that could be used for other purposes in the coming years. Apart from this, there are also a few more reasons that imply why mattresses should be recycled:

  • Some materials used in a mattress are non-biodegradable. This means they can sit in the environment for hundreds of years.
  • Mattresses are large with heavy-duty frames. Their structure can damage expensive pieces of equipment.
  • Certain chemicals that ooze out of the mattresses can leach into the ground and the water around.

To reduce production costs and make financial savings

It is fair to take advantage of the financial incentives provided by mattress recycling. Most businesses recycle since it is less expensive to do so. As a result, it enables you to lower production expenses. Utilizing existing waste is far less expensive than producing it from zero.

To adhere to industry requirements for recycling

The recycling sector is placing more emphasis on enterprises to recycle as environmental concerns increase. Companies are required to recycle resources whenever possible, and recycling mattresses play a significant role in this.


No recycling facilities nearby? You can donate it, repurpose it, resell it and recycle it yourself. Recycling mattresses has economic advantages as well. This is because it creates jobs in waste management facilities. Although mattress recycling might be challenging, the advantages greatly exceed the challenges. So next time you are thinking of getting rid of a mattress, recycle it.