Roof vents are essential for extending the life of your roof, contrary to popular belief. Many roofers believe they are trying to make them spend more than necessary. This article will help you understand the importance and benefits of roof ventilations.

Modern Home and Roof Ventilation

Many people may believe that older homes are poorly ventilated. However, they did not require roof vents. These old homes are not as airtight because they have poor weather-stripping window insulation. This is why older homes did not need roof vents, as opposed to modern ones.

Ridge Roof Ventilation

A roof ridge vent will work best for you and your home if you have a pointed ceiling or slanting ceiling. There are many options for roof ventilation. They can all be used together. Studies have shown that roof vents are better than none for modern homes. However, it is not possible to determine which type of roof vent works best for each roof.

Ventilation and Hip Roof Vents

As we have already mentioned, hip roofs are more difficult to ventilate than other roof types. However, studies show that the roof type can be adequately ventilated by both the soffit vents or power attic fans. Ask several contractors for their advice to make sure you are 100% certain. Ask them for their opinions and suggestions on the best roof vent for your roof type.

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