It is beautiful to see lush green grass growing in your backyard or lawn. With proper maintenance, it can grow for a long time. As time goes by, signs begin to show that the

grass needs to be replaced. One must then try growing it again.

An artificial turf is an option that can be used to replace the grass. For a more durable and evergreen look, one can purchase artificial grass.

The Benefits of Artificial Turf

Many thousands of Melbourne homes, businesses, and recreational spaces use regular or sports artificial grass. This resulted in beautiful landscapes that required minimal maintenance. The artificial grass surface used for sports fields gave sports establishments a time-saving solution that saved their money and provided a solution to their growing concerns about the overuse of sometimes dangerous grass fields.

If you think about switching to artificial turf, here are some things you need to remember when it needs replacing.

  1. Signs of Damage

Though artificial turf lasts long and is durable, they’re not immune to damage, especially when exposed to man-made events and accidents. Damage due to accidents like outdoor grill mess or heat can significantly damage the grass. Putting heavy objects on it for a long time can damage it, too.

  1. Stains and Odours

If you have house pets; they may think of it as natural grass and lay their wastes on it. In that case, regular cleaning is needed for your synthetic turf. Failing to clean them regularly will attract microbes that create mould growth and foul odours that are hard to remove.

  1. Faded Turf Colours

Synthetic turfs are made in various shades to enhance their natural grass-like features. And just like other products that are dyed, these turfs’ exposure to changing weather leads to fading colours over time. However, one needs not worry because this may happen after many years.

Check out other signs that synthetic turf needs replacement through this infographic by Easy Turf.