Some Thoughts On Constructing A Swimming Pool In Your Yard

A home having a swimming pool greatly enhances its value, as well as gives its occupants the luxury of being able to relax and enjoy a swim anytime they please. You would also be very popular with your neighbors and social circle.

Any swimming pool construction needs to be approached with a planned and clear attitude to ensure that the huge outlays they will require are fully justified. You would also have to make sure that you have sufficient space on your property for this construction. You will need to get a building permit from the local authorities after you have decided on the size of the pool and its location. Make sure that the size of pool fits well within the area you have located, and has sufficient space all around for a proper deck that is always useful for relaxing on. A pool that gets sun all round the year is easier to maintain, and if you can avoid a space that has no trees around, you will be saved the problem of clearing leaves from the water. An open pool design will cost less than a covered one but will require you to put in greater effort for its maintenance. A closed pool can also be used all the year round.

Basically a swimming pool will have walls and a floor that is in most cases made of concrete. The walls have to be designed to be strong enough to resist the water pressure of a pool that is full of water, and the earth pressure behind them when the pool is empty. Your pool can be of any shape, but fancy curved walls and irregular designs can be difficult to build and will be more expensive. Your floor must be able to take n the full weight of the water above it, and if the depth of your pool is such that your floor is below the water table normally existing in your area, than it must be able to resist any incoming water. This is easily done by introducing a water resisting layer below it and also using waterproof concrete for the floor. Similar care is also important for the walls.

Your design of the pool must take into account the plumbing and electrics that you will need for proper functioning of the pool. While it is not necessary that you have pool lights inside the pool (You can always confine your lighting to any available yard lighting), plumbing to fill the pool and lead it to filters and drains is a must and must be well thought of and constructed during your swimming pool construction. You will need to probably install the needed plumbing just after you have excavated the swimming pool and before you construct the floors and walls.

Make sure that you have all the structural designs of floor and walls vetted by the experts, like Open Water Pools, who are well versed in swimming pool design. Spare a thought to the way you intend to use the area around the pool and include for any tiling or other treatment in your budget. Your finish over the walls and floor must be easy to clean and maintain. Above all give a thought to safety and include a fence or enclosure, especially if you have children in the home.