Things to Avoid when Planning for Portable Restrooms

Whenever you’re organizing outdoor events which will require the use of restrooms, Patriot Portable Restrooms is your solution. It may seem easy to plan for a portable restroom, but several mistakes can be unavoidable. These mistakes can be related to restroom booking, classification of the rented equipment, and the placement of the restrooms. Below are the tips on things you should avoid when planning for portable restrooms.

  1. Ordering Fewer Portable Restrooms

Sometimes, when the budget becomes strained, event planners must cut costs. Ordering fewer restrooms may seem like a method of saving cash. This supposition is incorrect.¬† For every 100 attendees at your event, it is advised that you rent one portable toilet. It means that if you’re expecting 1000 people in your event, you should rent a minimum of 10 portable restrooms.

If the planned events take all day, it is advisable to get extra restrooms. Also, consider that an event incorporating alcohol in its meals will result in more visits to the restroom.

  1. Setting up the Restrooms in Fewer Locations

You might have encountered an event with portable restrooms set in one location. You should consider your event’s layout and how attendees will move around it. You can place a few near the entrance, then spread the rest in various locations, considering the ones with the most traffic flow and the rest by the exit. The last thing you want people to think of is a crowded portable bathroom.

  1. Failing to Provide Enough Sanitation Offerings

You might want to think about doing more than just providing regular portable restrooms if there are no fixed restrooms available for your event. Sanitation means providing hand washing stations, especially if the event has food to be served. Clients cannot be interested in eating if they don’t get a way of washing their hands after using the restroom. Some may decide to leave if the only sanitation available will be hand sanitizers.

  1. Troubling the Comfort of Your Visitors

Numerous events, fairs, and festivals are suitable for the whole family. Parents with kids might be present, then you can provide breastfeeding and diaper changing sections. For a VIP area or the women-only section of your event, you might also think about renting a luxurious restroom trailer.

  1. Failing to Book the Restrooms Early Enough

Ensure you book your restrooms at least one to two months before the event. Your provider will get enough time to assemble all equipment. You will also get enough time to establish the final schedules and plans. You must have addressed the portable potty issues appropriately as the event draws near.

  1. Renting the Restrooms from Different Providers Once

You may be considering saving cash by renting restrooms from several restroom providers. Small restroom renters can give you substantial discounts but cannot provide enough restrooms. This can make scheduling pick-up and drop-off hours, placement, and schedule coordination more challenging. Significant providers of portable restrooms can easily coordinate with their clients. They can organize how to transport them on your behalf and pick them up when the event is over.

  1. Going for Lower Prices Instead of Checking the Quality of Service

You get what you pay for. We can translate this to mean that one can get the quality of what they have paid. When looking for a restroom provider, you will get different prices. You should notice that the cheaper providers will give you substandard equipment. You are better off choosing a company that is attentive and capable of giving your attendees the ideal experience. Patriot Portable Restrooms will offer you a fair cost, and it is the best option because it has good quality portable restrooms. If you need portable restrooms, contact us for more information.