With the help of a new patio cover, you will not only enhance the look of your home’s exterior and outdoor space, but you can also enjoy it in ways you might not have considered. Most people consider the installation of a patio cover to extend their living space, but they don’t realize that the new space may also encourage more outdoor activities with the family.

The first thing to decide is what patio covers Boise you will choose for your space. Then, you can amp up the activity and start making memories. Continue reading to learn about the types of patio covers you might choose from, as well as a few ideas for family fun.

Patio Cover Types

Awnings: Awnings have been a choice for patios and decks for a long time. Both the way it looks and the materials it is made of have changed since it was first made. It’s interesting to see that the first written record of awnings comes from the Roman Empire.

In the modern era, awnings lean down. Everything that touches the awning will roll off because of how it is made. Awnings are still used a lot because they can be used in many different ways. You can add either a fixed awning or one that rolls up. Depending on your needs, you can choose between motorized and non-powered retractables.

Solar Screens: As their name suggests, solar screens are meant to protect you from the sun in a big way. They don’t block your view of the outside, but they do block your view of the inside. The screen is meant to be hung vertically, and unlike the other coverings in this article, it is more of a protective screen than a covering. Most of the time, they can be pulled back, and homes that face south save a lot of energy because of this.

Vinyl Patio Covers: These patio covers stand on their own or are attached to an existing building structure. Most have a frame made of a vinyl 2×6 header and vinyl 2×4 joists. Posts can be put on the ground, on concrete, or on wood decks. These patio covers are strong enough that you can hang planters or porch swings from them.

You can opt for a louvered-style patio cover that offers a layered look. This style has fuller shade and simple, clean lines. This is the type of patio cover offered by Butte Fence and is worth researching a bit more as it provides a clean and sleek look for your space.

How Will You Utilize Your Patio Cover?

With the extra living space and shade provided by your patio cover, you can increase your outdoor activities with your family. A few ideas are listed below.

Make Mud Pies

There is no such thing as a really fulfilled childhood that does not include at least some time spent getting muddy in the backyard. Set aside sometime in the afternoon to make mud pies. Create pies in a wide variety of forms, both in terms of size and form. Berry clusters, twigs, leaves, and stones of various sizes should be used as embellishments for these. You should have a pie contest and give a prize to the person who makes the most original or beautiful pie.

Raised Bed Gardening

The whole family can enjoy a calm and fruitful activity outside by working together in the garden. Gardening may be an educational activity for all members of the family, whether the objective is to grow flowers or to care for crops. When children eat what they have grown, they can learn the importance of toiling hard for something that will pay off in delicious ways.

If your yard space is limited, consider adding a raised bed to your patio or deck. The patio cover will provide shade for plants that don’t like to be in full sun. The plantings themselves can be utilized while you’re grilling outside and provide a pleasant aroma on the patio.

Bonfire and Smores

In the yard, construct a bonfire and make smores. You can pile pillows and blankets on the patio or add a hammock and enjoy the smores while watching the stars from under the patio cover.

Create Patio Chalk Art

The use of colored chalk is not only economical, but it can also provide the whole family with hours of fun and creative play. On the concrete patio, sidewalk, or driveway, you can draw everything from game boards to murals to hopscotch to meaningful artwork. Working with chalk is a great way to practice handwriting or alphabet studies, making this activity educational in addition to enjoyable.

Build a Patio Fort

Build a patio fort with your loved ones using pillows, blankets, and outdoor furniture. Fort building is a classic kind of outdoor recreation that can keep a family entertained for hours, both during the building process and after the fort has been completed.

Build Fairy Houses

The construction of fairy dwellings is a joyful and whimsical activity that may be done with virtually anything that can be discovered in nature. Collect fallen leaves, moss, twigs, rocks, and sticks to use in the construction of fairy dwellings in your yard. Plain-looking birdhouses and drab, old stumps can be transformed into places of enchantment and wonder for children… and fairies… with only a little bit of glue and paint. You can utilize a table on the deck underneath your patio cover to not only shade you from the sun but keep the wind to a minimum as well.

Try Your Hand at Rock Painting

For more crafty fun under the patio cover, you can paint on rocks. You just need the appropriate paints, a paintbrush, some clean stones, and a concept in your head that is both entertaining and creative. Rocks can be sculpted into the shapes of animals, inspiring phrases can be inscribed on them, or they can be covered in unique designs. When it comes to rock painting, there are no rules other than to have fun and be creative. Anything goes.


As you can see, adding a patio cover to your deck or patio will not only extend your space, but it can increase your family time as well. Consider what options Butte Fence can offer you by visiting our website at buttefence.com. From there, you can talk with a specialist who can help you assess what type of patio cover will work best for your home.