Tips For Creating A Tornado-Safe Room

‍Tornadoes pose a serious threat to your safety and that of your loved ones. That is why you should create a perfect tornado-safe room for everyone’s sake. While getting the assistance of professionals will make a difference, here are some tips to keep in mind when creating your tornado safe room.

Build Your Safe Room on a Foundation

First and foremost; you’ll want to build your secure room on a foundation. This will ensure that the structure of your safe space is solid and sound. You’ll also want to ensure that your foundation is well-drained. If your foundation is poorly drained or has standing water on it, the safe room you’re building will be susceptible to damage from flooding.

Make sure the soil around the foundation is also well-drained. If the area around the foundation is not well-drained, you may be susceptible to mold. If you are building on a concrete patio slab, there’s a high chance that your safe room will be “in the basement” below your home’s floor level. This means the winds would be stronger than if the room were built on the ground. You’ll want to make your safe room on a well-drained solid foundation to avoid this. While building on a concrete patio slab is an option, it’s likely to be a bit more expensive than building on a foundation.

Ensure Good Ventilation and Lighting

When adding a tornado-safe room to your home, you’ll want to ensure that it has good ventilation and is well-lit. This will help keep the room’s environment from becoming overly humid, which can cause mold to grow in the walls and ceiling. The ventilation in a safe room should be minimal, with the main type of ventilation being passive. This means there will be no moving parts to the ventilation system, which will help keep the room air quality high.

You’ll also want to ensure plenty of windows in your safe room. This will provide additional ventilation as well as light. You’ll also want to ensure your safe room has good insulation.

Shield Electronics from Damaging Winds

During a tornado, winds can cause tremendous damage to electronics, including computers, televisions, and even mobile phones. To avoid this, you’ll want to install a windshield in your safe room. A windshield deflects the wind and keeps the air inside the room calm, making it safer to store valuable electronics in the safe room. There are a variety of windshields on the market, including some designed to fit into the ceiling of your safe room.

You’ll also want to install a weather-tight door to keep your safe room as secure as possible. A weather-tight door seals the safe room from the rest of your home, preventing wind from entering the room.


Protect your family and valuables with a safe room. A safe room is simply a room inside your home designed to protect you and your loved ones from the destructive power of a tornado.