Top things to do in Muskegon, Michigan

If you are searching for a Michigan vacation destination or a perfect neighborhood to call home, consider Muskegon. On the westside of Michigan, Muskegon is the ideal lakefront town for family fun. It is famous for its Lake Michigan lifestyle, from sailing, fishing, shipping, and more. The city offers some of the most stunning activities and sights in Michigan. Below is a look at some of the fantastic things to do that await you in Muskegon.

Relax at The Scenic Beaches

The Lake Michigan beaches are one of the must-visit destinations in Muskegon. The Pere Marquette Park is a famous beach spot in Muskegon, situated a few minutes from downtown Muskegon, connecting Muskegon Lake to Lake Michigan via the Muskegon channel. You will find bathhouses and showers, gaga balls, volleyball nets, and miles of soft sandy shoreline beach here. The Deck restaurant is also at the beach, an excellent spot for live music, local brews, and delicious BBQs.

Explore Various Muskegon Museums

Muskegon is home to several iconic museums that offer a flair for fascinating local history. Start by checking out the Muskego Museum of Art, which features notable works by European and American artists. The Muskego Heritage Museum is also a must-visit for history enthusiasts, specializing in the Muskego industry’s history and products made in Muskego. Other museums in Muskego include the Lakeshore Museum Center, the James Jackson Museum of African American History, and the Hackley and Hume Historic Site.

Sample The Muskegon Restaurants and Eateries

If you are a food enthusiast, you will love the vibrant dining scene in Muskegon. The town has plenty of local dining eateries nestled around the city with a fantastic food atmosphere. The local dining scene is considered one of West Michigan’s best, with new restaurants constantly popping up. Regardless of your favorite cuisine, you will find it here. Some favorite food spots to check out include Lakeside Café, Frosty Cove, Lake Bluff Grille, The Deck, and the Docker’s Restaurant. If you are craving some fresh food that is locally produced, the Muskegon Farmers Market offers some fresh fixings.

Go On a Local Lighthouse Tour

Muskegon County is home to three lighthouses used as navigational tools for people on Lake Michigan waters. Each of these lighthouses has its own history, and you will be fascinated by these towering beacons of hope. Some of the best Muskegon lighthouses to tour include the Muskegon South PierHead Light, the Muskegon South Breakwater Lighthouse, and the White River Light Station. All these lighthouses are open for tours seasonally, offering you a chance to learn the history of these iconic structures.

Paddle Down the Intriguing White River

The White River is a massive yet tranquil river winding through the heart of Muskegon and deep into the local forests. Paddling down the White River is a great leisure activity among visitors and locals. A local rental company helps you transverse the river in a memorable experience. Whether you seek to canoe or kayak down the White River, each trip will be peaceful and refreshing. Check out local wildlife, such as muskrats, eagles, and blue herons, during the trip.

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