Rugs provide our houses with just the right touches with a varied range they can almost be used to decorate and repurpose the house. Keeping in mind which type of rug is needed the major classification is as follows.

  • AREA RUGS: the most popular and versatile of them all, can be used to decorate any area or place available in various designs and colors.
  • HALLWAY RUNNERS: these as the name indicates are of very narrow width, used to cover hallways.
  • DOORMATS: found at the edge of a new room, rugs make an excellent doormat
  • OUTDOOR RUGS: these are made to withstand the harshness of nature, seen decorating a deck or patio
  • KIDS RUGS: these rugs are made of vibrant, attractive colors and patterns often with intriguing characters and games
  • STAIR RUGS: these are used to adorn the stairs and provide support during rush hours

The rugs nowadays are made commercially as well as by the traditional hand weaving methods, machine method offering as a cheap and less time-consuming method, but the artistic value cannot be compared to the hand-woven ones. Some of the construction styles are as follows.

  • KNOTTED RUGS: the oriental Persian rugs are the example, made via hands no two pieces are the same. Made with excellent quality of wool and silk knotted over and over forming intricate designs.
  • TUFTED RUGS: made with a tufting gun and a latex backing, their rugs are affordable and compatible to deal with the hallway pressure
  • FLATWEAVE RUGS: made on a handloom these are skinny rugs also known as reversible rugs as both sides look similar
  • HOOKED RUGS: made with needle and on a backing material these are quite cheap and with shedding problems
  • HIDE RUGS: as the name says these are the preserved skins of animals and each pattern is a story in itself
  • BRAIDED RUGS: an American preferred design is created via tying different pieces of cloth and sewing together. They are also reversible as well
  • SHAG RUGS: made with wool and ultimate comfort in mind. These are very heavy and used to dampen the noise in the living rooms as well

Other than the construction the shape of a rug is very important to make as well.

  • Rectangular
  • Square
  • Oval
  • Round
  • Octagonal and
  • Slices

To accentuate your décor a well-thought patterned carpet always does the trick.

  • GEOMETRICAL PATTERN: These rugs have designs like Trellis, Quatrefoil, Polka dots. Modern contemporary rugs.
  • FLORAL PATTERN: designs including flowers, leaves, buds, and branches. Persian oriental carpets.
  • SOUTHWESTERN PATTERN: Southwestern carpets reflect the tale of the early history of the American people.
  • The material of which the rug is composed should always be considered before anything else. The best rugs and durable rugs are of wool if kept with care will last for centuries. Wool carpets outperform synthetic fiber rugs such as polypropylene, polyester, nylon, and so on.” The other materials are pure silk, viscose(staple), bamboo silk, banana silk, chenille, acrylic, animal leather.