There are a lot of things in your home that can set the tone for it. One of these is the flooring in each room. The flooring in your home should be comfortable to walk on and should match the color scheme of the room it’s in. It should look good and allow your home to keep its value. Upgrading flooring can even raise the home’s value on the market.

If your flooring is getting worn, broken, cracked, scuffed, etc., it may be time for new flooring. If you’ve had water damage to your flooring, you especially need to replace it to get rid of the damage and possible mold. Y’s Way Flooring can help!

Hardwood Floors

When you’re interested in hardwood floors, these can be a great investment. They give an upscale look to a room, and they’re incredibly durable. They can take a lot of high traffic and do it without showing any wear for a long, long time. This type of flooring can add value to your home and make each room look nicer. When you have a hardwood floor, it’s also easy to care for. Using a dust mop regularly and a wet mop occasionally is all you need to do to keep them looking great.

Rugs and Carpet

If you need area rugs, you need a company that really understands these rugs and how to care for them, as well as carries a wide range of designs. The right room can tie a room together and make it look finished. Different rug designs can be used to create different vibes in various rooms. They can be modern, classic, etc., allowing you to match the style of your furniture and decor. If you want to opt for wall-to-wall carpet, this can be perfect for people who want a lot of softness under their feet. It’s also a relatively inexpensive choice for a room. And you can choose from a rainbow of colors and shades to set off the room perfectly.

Cork Flooring

This is a type of flooring that has a lot of give and always looks great. It comes in a number of different patterns and colors. It can even be made to look just like hardwood. Many people invest in cork flooring to elevate their homes as well as to stay comfortable when they walk. It wears well and is thought to handle a lot of traffic. It also requires much less labor to install than many other types of flooring.


If you love the look of tile, you’re not alone. Tile can make an area look extra special. Many people want tile in their kitchens and bathrooms because it can handle splashes of water so well. Various tile colors and patterns can make an area look highly personalized.

Tile holds up extremely well under high-traffic conditions, and they will rarely show any wear. When you want to tile, Y’s Way Flooring has a tile that’s made of various materials, including glass. You can even choose a tile that looks just like hardwood. To get an experienced flooring company in Watertown, WI, residents can visit to see the many styles and colors that can elevate a room. Everyone will notice your flooring, so make sure it looks good.