What Does Tree Removal Actually Include as a Service?

Tree removal is necessary to eliminate trip hazards and provide a stable environment for property improvements. Same Day Tree Works offers stand-alone tree removal service in Melbourne with a combo service that involves stump removal and grinding.You may have your reasons for removing the tree stump or having them ground, and as experienced arborists, they understand the importance of having them removed completely.

If tree roots and stumps are not removed in time, they may sit there and rot, which can cause a range of issues. This can increase the chance of the stump becoming a home for ants, termites, and other pests. It can also get in the way of your landscaping and paving plans, or worse, it can trip children and adults alike. 

Removing a stump is labour-intensive as it requires mapping out the root system, cutting them and the use of cranes or heavy machinery to pull out the trunk. This is not a straightforward job and because there is no way for the arborists to understand the tree’s underground root system, it can take hours longer than the estimated time. While this process is relatively less time-consuming for young and juvenile trees, for older trees this can be quite taxing.

The services offered at Same Day Tree Works are mentioned as follows:

  • An enhanced and skilled team of tree specialists to perform the services.
  • Experts whose experiences are heavily developed through a horticultural background.
  • The team members are very friendly and are committed to the utmost customer service.
  • They believe in competitive prices and transparent job quotes.

Same Day Tree Works believe that the best way to do business is through referrals as their commitment to fair prices and top-quality customer service has won them a raft of customers from many different communities. The team never compromises on quality for a lower price. Before determining the amount or price, there is a proper assessment of the landscape, the tree as well as the stump. This allows them to evaluate the time and effort required to safely remove or grind the tree and offer you the most accurate tree removal quotation.

Same Day Tree Works is fully insured and has the appropriate public liability coverage in various cities across Australia. You can rest easy knowing that the employees and your property are safe and covered. When you hire Same Day Tree Works for a task, they will provide you with a free on-site quote. They will further ensure that you are informed about your surroundings and if there are any trees you should keep an eye on. They will happily provide you with essential tree care tips and answer any queries with thoroughness and care.