What should I do if a storm has damaged my tree?p

It can be very stressful when a storm hits your neighborhood and causes havoc to your trees. Many homeowners consider trees to be sentimental. For example, a tree you planted in your new home or the birth of your child. They provide shade and privacy, which is a valuable asset. It is important to assess the damage done to your trees after a storm. You will need to contact a local tree company to take the necessary steps to save them.

How badly is the tree damaged?

Tree damage can sometimes be apparent, such as broken, split, hanging, or fallen branches. It’s possible to notice soil disturbances around the base of the tree, especially if it is raised one side and lowered the other. You might notice roots being exposed to the soil, or trees leaning towards one side.

Calling a local tree service is the best thing to do if a tree has been damaged severely by a hurricane that has hit St.Petersburg shores. The tree could fall and cause damage to your property, home, family, and neighbors.

After the Storm: First Steps to Help Your Tree

You can safely remove large, heavy or tall branches that have suffered damage by calling a tree service in South Florida. They have the equipment and tools to safely trim them. To avoid further damage, you can trim smaller branches to the bigger branch. You shouldn’t try to make the tree look uniform on both sides. This could lead to more damage and hinder the tree’s ability for recovery.

You can protect your tree against potential insect damage using a chisel, or another similar tool, to smoothen any rough edges where bark has been torn or broken. Insects can find places where bark has been removed, tempting. These spots can also be used as hiding places for them to chew on the tree.

When should you call a local tree service?

It’s a smart idea to contact a tree service if you suspect that your trees have been damaged by a storm. They are well-trained and equipped to handle severe damage, while trying to save trees wherever possible. A tree specialist will be able to identify potential problems, such as vulnerable areas in the next storm. Although decay may not be obvious to most homeowners, it can cause severe damage to your tree in the event of a storm. Sometimes, tree removal may be necessary. Florida storms can cause severe damage to trees.

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