What Steps to Follow When Installing a Garage Door?   

Installing a new garage door and removing the old one is not a project to carry out without professional help. These doors are heavy, and handling the torsion springs for beginners can be dangerous. Therefore, contacting a professional garage door installation Fort Worth service is always advisable. However, an experienced home handy individual can give this project. It’s recommended to do thorough research before starting the project. This article enlists the steps people should follow for smooth and safe garage door installation. 


  1.     Clear out the Garage


Homeowners should ensure a clear, safe working space in their garage before commencing the project. He should check if everything is secure on the garage walls. In addition, make sure that there is not anything on the floor that can make one trip. 


  1.     Removing the Old Door


If the old garage door has a standard torsion spring, homeowners shouldn’t try to remove the door themselves. The spring can work like a weapon and seriously injure a person not having prior experience with garage door repair anaheim, ca. Especially for this part, it’s advisable to hire a professional. An experienced handyman for removing the old garage door is also an affordable option.


  1.     Preparing the Garage Door Frame and Studying the Layout


After removing the old garage door, install the new one in a solid and square frame. Properly check the door frame with the squares and levels to avoid redoing it. In addition, homeowners must understand the instruction diagram of the garage door before starting. Laying out all the door pieces in a simulation can help a person know how they will be configured after assembling them. 


  1.     Hardware and Fastening


The garage door is one of the crucial parts of a home as it secures vehicles and the building. Therefore, an individual should use manufacturer-approved hardware. In addition, make sure to tighten every faster, but be careful enough not to strip anything. A fully assembles door can weigh 400 pounds or more. No homeowner will want it falling on his car or himself. 


  1.     Prepare and level the Garage Door for Assembly


When assembling the garage door pieces, follow the instruction manual. The garage door is the largest mechanical device in a home, so take sufficient time with the project. When installing the door, level the first section, or other sections will get out of level. 


  1.     Setting the Weather stripping and Adjusting the Spring


After installing the door’s bottom section, set the weather stripping in place with nails. Since spring is the heart of garage door operation and security, adjust them properly. The garage door will be perfectly balanced when halfway open with a properly adjusted spring. 




By following these tips, a homeowner can easily install the door. However, he shouldn’t forget to check all the sub-assemblies against the diagrams in the instruction manual. One should check if the garage door for level and straightness and if it has a smooth glide. An individual should only carry out DIY garage door installation Fort Worth if he has prior experience with the same project. In contrast, it’s always safe and economical to work with professionals.