Enjoying a refreshing glass of water with a clean and crisp taste is best when you use water filters in New Zealand from Steve’s Appliance Spares. 

There’s nothing better than enjoying a pristine new appliance that makes your kitchen the hub of the home, but what if we told you there’s more to it than its shiny exterior? 

From the moment we rip off the plastic and plug them in, our appliances become part of our daily routine. We use them unconsciously, often neglecting to keep them clean until grime becomes noticeable. However, there is one part of our appliances that hides and harbours dirt from us: the water filter. 

Water filters are used to separate sediment and dirt from the water we drink, making it as refreshing and clean as possible. Commonly found in refrigerators and coffee machines, many users are oblivious to the importance of the water filter and the role it plays in the appliance’s efficiency. More often than not, water filters are left for weeks and sometimes months without a thorough cleaning, and some may not be replaced at all. Unfortunately, this means you’ll be drinking rather contaminated water and shortening the lifespan of your appliance considerably. 

Thankfully, Steve’s Appliance Spares can help! As a leading spares provider in New Zealand, we ensure your water filters are functioning properly and minimise the time spent without them as much as possible. So, if you need a new water filter in New Zealand, Steve’s Appliance Spares is the best place to go!

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Time To Change. 

When you’re making a fresh pot of coffee in the morning, the filter paper is only used once before being tossed in the bin. The next pot of coffee requires a new filter. Why? Because filters have a period of efficiency, and going beyond this period will lead to vulnerabilities in how well the filter performs. Your water filter follows this same principle. 

Fridge water filters, for instance, should be replaced twice a year and cleaned regularly to remove the build-up of mould, yeast and bacteria that comes with moist environments. Although refrigerator water dispensers are common in homes across New Zealand, the filters are often forgotten and left to collect contaminants from the water it dispenses. 

So, if you want to ensure your water filter is functioning optimally and limiting the number of contaminants poured conveniently into your glass, remember to clean it regularly and replace it at least once every six months using a renowned spares provider. 

Tell-Tale Signs Your Water Filter Needs Replacing. 

Crisp, cold water from the refrigerator is a luxury we all enjoy. However, water filters are not forever, and there are tell-tale signs to let you know when it’s time to replace them:

  1. The water tastes bad. Water dispensed from your fridge shouldn’t have a taste. It may have a faint taste of plastic, but for the most part, you shouldn’t taste anything. So, when the water tastes bad, it may indicate that the filter is not working properly anymore and needs replacing. 
  2. Slow dispensing. All water dispensed from your fridge first goes through the water filter. So, when the water is trickling out slowly, it may be caused by a clogged water filter. 
  3. Odours. The last thing you’d expect when dispensing water from your fridge is a horrid odour. But, bad smells are a common occurrence when the water filter is a breeding ground for contaminants, mould and bacteria. So, if you smell something strange when you use the water or ice dispenser, it could possibly be from a dirty and clogged water filter. 

Easy access to perfectly chilled and clean water is a convenience anyone would appreciate, but it won’t stay that way by itself. So, if your fridge uses a water filter, remember to check on it and replace it when the above signs first start to appear. 

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