When does a tree survey need to be carried out?

Tree surveys are carried out on both public and private landscapes, with the aim of them being to discover key information about the trees, such as their age, species, life expectancy, and whether they’re protected by a TPO (Tree Preservation Order).

This information is then provided to the landowners to allow them to make important decisions about their trees, including whether they can be removed or need to be left alone. In the following scenarios, a tree survey will need to be carried out.

Alterations to an existing property

If you plan on making alterations to an existing property, it’s likely that a tree survey will be required. Although, if there will be no extension to the building footprint, no change of access and no new service lines, it may not be necessary.

Extending an existing property

An extension to an existing property, the construction of ancillary buildings or changes of access will mean that a survey of the trees on and next to the site is likely to be required. The trees would need to stand within 12 metres of any new building, service line or access.

Construction of a new building

If a new building will be constructed on your land, you’ll need to have a survey carried out on all the trees on the site as well as within 12 metres of the site boundary.

A tree survey not only ensures that you’re complying with the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 by preventing protected trees from being cut down but it can also be really useful when generating the designs of a new property on a computer. Draft designs tend to be far more realistic when a tree survey has been carried out.

Tree surveys can also help to identify any hazards that might exist on the site of a property. For example, a survey could reveal a tree that might potentially fall or is diseased. If a tree has fungal decay, it could fall down at any time, particularly during periods of bad weather such as strong winds. For these trees, removing them is likely to be the right choice.

The survey should show all the trees on a plan. This must be scaled to 1:500 and needs to be accurate within ± 0.5m.

Professional tree surveys in Essex

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