Where to find the best deals on mattresses for every budget?

There are affordable options that still provide comfort and support if you’re looking to buy a new mattress about get a good deal. Price points range from a few hundred dollars up to a few thousand dollars, so mattresses are affordable for everyone.

  1. Department stores

For budget shoppers, department stores offer the most wallet-friendly mattress options. Stores sell a range of mattress models, often at very affordable prices compared to mattress-specific retailers. Brands carried at these stores specialize in no-frills mattresses with simpler designs that cost less to produce. This translates into lower prices for shoppers, with queen sizes starting around $150-$250. While the quality may not match more premium mattresses, department store brands offer an easy way to replace an old, worn-out mattress on a tight budget.

  1. Mattress firm

As the largest mattress retailer in the Mattress Firm offers frequent sales that often outprice department stores for similar quality beds. They carry mid-range models from brands typically retail between $500-$1,500 for a queen size. Waiting for the right sales events can mean up to $400 off or a free bed frame. Mattress Firm also price matches qualified competitors, so deals abound in-store and online. Their wide selection ensures shoppers can find conforming memory foam, responsive latex, or classic innerspring mattresses that improve sleep at an affordable cost.

  1. Online mattress brands

Over the last decade, dozens of direct-to-consumer online mattress brands have taken significant market share from traditional retailers by cutting overhead costs and passing the savings to customers. Brands sell high-quality, premium mattresses at a fraction of the price of comparable models from legacy brands. Perks often include free shipping, 100+ night trials, and 10-20 year warranties. With their growing popularity, many of these brands now run regular sales and promotions that discount prices even further. Online mattress shopping provides exceptional value for shoppers looking for comfort and support on a budget they can live with.

  1. Furniture stores

Local and regional furniture stores offer shoppers the chance to test mattresses in person while still benefiting from periodic sales and clearance deals. Stores maintain brick-and-mortar showrooms to display mattress models from both major manufacturers and their private-label brands. Similar to department stores, house brands allow these retailers to produce cheaper versions of popular mattress types. As a result, prices are very reasonable, with queen sizes starting as low as $299 when sales are running. The ability to try before you buy at these neighborhood furniture stores can simplify the mattress shopping experience.

Finding an affordable, quality mattress involves knowing where to look and timing purchases around sales events. Department stores offer the best deals for the tightest budgets. The wide selection of a retailer like best firm mattress ensures mid-range shoppers take advantage of frequent discounts. For those willing to purchase a mattress online, direct-to-consumer brands provide exceptional value at comparatively low price points. Or support local businesses by getting great deals on discounted models at regional furniture outlets. Take the stress out of mattress shopping and keep more money in your wallet by heading to these budget-friendly destinations.