You wish that your windows weren’t glass: The Disadvantages of Using Glass as a building material

Many people believe they are getting a great deal when they purchase their home because the windows and doors are made of Glass. However, there is more to this situation than meets the eye. Glass doors and windows have disadvantages that many homeowners don’t know about until it’s too late.

Cost: Glass panes don’t come cheap. They are costly, and if you have a large home, replacing all of your doors and windows with Glass can be quite the ask for your wallet. So, if you are a budget-conscious homeowner, you might just want to think about getting aluminum or wood.

Brittleness: If you have children, you might want to consider not getting glass doors and windows. The reason is that if they break, they will shatter into a million pieces that will be hard to clean up. If there are kids around, this can lead to dangerous situations where somebody could get hurt from the shards of broken glass.

Security: Glass doesn’t do much in terms of security either. It isn’t nearly as secure as other materials such as steel or iron, making your home more susceptible to invaders who would like nothing better than breaking into houses when people aren’t home during daylight hours when nobody is looking out their windows.

Less impact resistance: Glass is less impact-resistant than other materials such as iron or steel. This means that if somebody were to break into your house and throw something at the Glass, it would more likely shatter than if they threw an object made of another material that has increased resistance against impacts.

Etching on glass surface: Objects that are thrown at glass can leave a mark on the surface of your doors and windows. This is called “etching,” which means you will have to get your Glass replaced more often because it won’t be as aesthetically pleasing any more.

Uneven heat distribution: Glass doesn’t distribute heat very well, so if you were looking for a house with big open plans or lots of large rooms, then having doors and windows made out of transparent material would not work in your favor when winter sets in. You could feel much colder than people who live in houses where their primary source of light comes from lamps instead since they aren’t likely to notice any difference between sitting by an open fire versus sitting beside an un-transparent glass door and window.

Unsafe for earthquake-prone areas: If you live in an earthquake-prone area, Glass is not the building material for you. Glass can easily shatter due to earthquakes, which increases the damage to your house and can also lead to some perilous situations.

Heat Absorbent: Glass doesn’t absorb heat very well, so if you are looking for a more environmentally friendly house and want to save on some costs when it comes to electricity expenses, glass doors and windows would not be the best materials to have in your home.

Privacy: If you were hoping to get a lot of privacy from having glass doors or windows installed in your house, then, unfortunately, there wouldn’t be much point since people can easily see through them without too much trouble. So this means even though you might feel safer with transparent panes rather than solid wood ones because they provide better security-wise, anyone who walks by will still know what’s going inside unless all of your curtains are drawn shut, which makes it harder for anybody but you to enjoy the view.

Maintenance: Glass needs a lot of maintenance and is far more difficult to clean than aluminum or wood doors and windows. For this reason alone, it’s not worth using Glass as a building material for your house.

Glare: Glass doors and windows can also lead to a lot of glare which is quite annoying if you are trying to enjoy the outdoors. This means that for this reason alone, it’s not worth getting Glass installed in your house because it will not provide the best view no matter where you look outside from within.

Glass is a popular building material because it is aesthetically pleasing and allows for more light to come in (which means you can see better with glass doors and windows), but the disadvantages of having transparent panes installed far outweigh any benefits that they might bring. They are costly to install and need a lot of maintenance. And if there are kids nearby, it might not be worth it considering how brittle glass panes can be. Since Glass is less impacts resistant, this can lead to some dangerous situations.