7 Steps to Prepare Your Home for Carpet Cleaning

Carpets tend to lose their charm over a period of time. They need thorough cleaning by professionals after every few months so that their charm is maintained. When a person fails to hire the experts, the carpets get damaged due to mould, stains and germs. If you are planning to book the carpet cleaning Sunshine Coast to revive the condition of your soiled carpet, then you must do some preparations before the cleaners reach your home. By following these tips your time will be saved and the cleaners will get a well-prepared surface for cleaning.

1. Vacuum Clean High Traffic Areas

If your carpet is full of dust, sand, soil and other trash particles, then you can use vacuuming to clean it up. Though experts also start their process with vacuuming, your basic cleaning will make the process even easier. If you have kids at home, then they might throw some delicate or important things on the carpet. It is always better that you clean the house and pick up every small and important thing from the floor. It is an easy thing that you can do before the carpet cleaning Melbourne team starts the work.

2. Make Space in Parking Lot

The cleaners have their vehicle and you should ensure that they get enough space in the driveway and parking area. This small tip can save lots of time. If there is no space available, then request your neighbours to provide some parking space.

3. Full-Length Should Not Touch the Ground

In carpet cleaning Adelaide, the professionals use water, detergents and heavy machines. The draperies hanging on the curtain rods can get ruined because of these cleaning essentials. It is better to toss them over the rod. If you don’t want the wet hands, sharp edges of the machines and water splashes to affect your curtains, then do follow this useful preparation tip.

4. Remove Some Furniture

Shifting heavy furniture might not be possible for you. But, relocating or moving some small furniture can save the cleaning team’s time. So, remove side chairs, decoration pieces, small tables and other furniture so that the cleaners get sufficient space to put their machines and they can start their work quickly. If there are some fragile or delicate objects placed in the room, keep them at some other place to prevent damage to expensive products.

5. Prepare a List of All Problematic Areas

Some areas on the carpet are quite vulnerable to stains. As a house owner, you know the spots where your kids love to play or your pets love to relax. You can prepare a list of such spots and can ask the cleaners to pay special attention to the high-traffic areas. If you are suffering from allergies, then you should convey your problem to the cleaning specialists. The carpet cleaning Melbourne experts will use products that do not harm your health.

6. Send Your Pets to another Room

Firstly, the pets can make it difficult for the cleaners to work. They might bark at them or can even walk all around the cleaning site. Secondly, the hairs, furs and dirty paws can ruin the cleaning results quickly. So, send the pets to another room before the cleaners visit your home.

7. Be Ready with Post-Cleaning Plan

Carpet needs some hours to get dry completely. You must ensure that nobody walks over the carpet before it gets dry. So, keep all the important things in the room where you are planning to stay. Don’t allow the kids or other family members to move furniture over a wet carpet. Also, ensure that the carpet cleaning Adelaide is finished two or three days before you organise a party or invite guests to your home.


Some simple preparation tips can make the cleaning process for you and your cleaners simple and smooth. Whenever you book the carpet cleaning Sunshine Coast service, do consider the above-listed points and enjoy a hassle-free cleaning procedure.