All that You Must Know About Carriage Bolts

Are you looking for reliable and high-quality fasteners? If so, then you will most likely come across the various carriage bolt varieties.

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What a carriage bolt is?

Several materials may be used for creating the kind of fastener which is known as a carriage bolt out of them stainless steel is one of the most popular one. 

A carriage bolt typically has a round head, a flat tip, and threading that runs along the shank of the bolt. Carriage bolts are most frequently used in wood applications and are also known as plough bolts or coach bolts. But they can be far more different than one can imagine.

What are they used for?

Wood with metal, wood with wood, and even metal with metal is held together with carriage bolts. When inserted into a square hole, especially when working with metal, their unique shape enables the bolt to self-lock. It is also easily inserted through a hole that is round in most types of wood, making it a flexible attachment.

Where did carriage bolts get their nomenclature from?

There have been carriage bolts for ages. They gained popularity in the early 1800s as a result of being frequently employed in the construction of carriages and also carriage wheels, earning the name “cartridge bolts.”

What are the various kinds of modern uses of carriage bolts?

Carpentry and wood construction are two of carriage bolts’ most popular current uses. They are often used for do-it-yourself projects, home maintenance, and repairs by both homeowners and professional carpenters.

What are the different varieties of carriage bolts?

The rib-necked and roundhead bolts, flathead and square-necked bolts, roundhead and fin-necked and short-necked bolts are the four most popular styles of carriage bolts. 

These bolts all have various uses and physical characteristics. These can be utilized with a wide range of materials, including soft metals, wood, plastics, sheet metal, and thin plywood.

Why use carriage bolts?

Because they are so simple to use, especially when working with wood, carriage bolts are frequently employed. When used to create hardwood decking, decorative fencing, furniture, and playground equipment for the backyard, their smooth, dome-shaped heads provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance and a certain measure of safety. 

Because carriage bolts can be unbolted only from one side, hence they also offer security in addition to safety. They can be utilized to fix doors in order to stop the wrong side from being unscrewed.

How much weight a carriage bolt can hold?

Carriage bolts can easily be installed and normally need a single tool for the whole operation. Once installed, they can also hold large amounts of weight. 

As an example, a Grade 5 carriage bolt which is made out of carbon steel has got a tensile strength of about 120,000psi or 8437 kilogram-force per square meter and a proof load strength of about 85,000psi or 5,976 kilogram-force per square meter.

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