Closet Upgrade Ideas That Grow With Your Kid

You don’t need to upgrade your mom or dad’s closets. They can also benefit your children! Children grow through a lot of clothes throughout the year. Keeping their closets organized can make it easier for everyone to be happy and keep them organized.

Style & Order is a Los Angeles-based organizing and design company. Jamilah Lang is a professional organizer and a mother of three.

Lang shares his top closet remodeling tips that will grow with your children and help you save time and space over the long-term.

1. Bins and labels are a must

Labeled bins are a great way to organize your stuff and keep it in its place. They also allow you to separate items that you don’t use often or aren’t currently using (like holiday-themed clothing or special occasions clothes).

Lang explains that you can edit the bin when it starts to accumulate to determine what is good to donate and what you would like to keep (for example, to give as a gift or to be saved for later).

She said, “When it gets filled up you don’t want to have too much clutter.” You should take it to a Public Storage unit so that you can still access them, but not take up too much space in your closet.

2. Encourage Independence by keeping things low and color coordinated

You don’t have to struggle with dressing your child in the morning. It’s easy to tell your child to grab a red shirt and get out of the house faster by organizing items by color.

Your children will feel more confident and independent if they are wearing eye-level, color coordinated clothes. They will also be happier dressing up and becoming more comfortable with their clothing as they age. Children will feel more empowered and be more willing to clean up their rooms.

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3. Show Your Love for the Things You Love

Adults can find it difficult to stay organized. It is not easy to motivate children to organize their lives.

Help them stay motivated by showing them their favorite items. Rotating them as they change is a good idea, especially for kids who dream of becoming a truck driver or a princess. Children will be more inclined to help organize their closets if they like it and feel reconnected to the clothes that make them happy.

These tips will help you and your children enjoy more organized spaces and less effort in getting ready.

Lang says, “Remember to start small, have some fun, and get your children involved.”

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